Select more than one genre in Focus

Roon running on a Mac with Ventura here.

How can I use Track Focus to select all tracks of two or more genres. For instance - making up a hypothetical example here - Rock/Pop or Electronic. In other words all tracks that are either Rock or Electronic. I can’t get it to work this way.

Similar example question - how can I select all tracks released in the 1940s or 1950s.

This is for the purpose of then starting a large shuffle play.

You have to set your Focus for OR instead of the default AND. See Pic. Click the little Ven circles and in the drop down choose Match Any.


As Rugby has indicated, you will be required to do the same in Tracks as per your OP. When selecting from the time frame you go to “Release Date” and click “View More” you can then select the years you want to search.

Once you have your selections, click the top search result and you will get the additional info at the top left of screen. Hit the drop down Box to Select all, then press the 3 dots to the right and you will get the drop down where you can add to a playlist where you can save it for later enjoyment.

Obviously you could either try and do your search parameters in one go, or do genre by genre, decade by decade etc and add to different playlists for all or combine the playlists into one larger playlist.

Good luck. Enjoy the music.

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Fantastic. Rugby, Fergus_B - thanks.

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