Selectable output sample rates, please?

I know you guys have a good business relationship with the HQPlayer maker but i still would very much like an option to select which sample rates should be sent to the DAC/RAAT.
I have an excellent DAC/Pre which accepts all sample rates from 44.1Khz up to 192khz. It sounds very good using its buffering option on the digital inputs, but unfortunately the buffered option does not like 88.2/176.4khz…
Using Jriver Media Center for example, i can easily choose to upsample the offending sample rates to, say 192khz och drop them down to 44.1khz.

I’m sure others would also like the option?

Atb /Mike

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Yes, please!

In most cases we’d want audio delivered at its native rate, because a lot of systems just sound better when you do that; but I have one setup where all internal DSP processing is done at 96k, communication from the central DSP box to the amps is at 96k… so if you present audio at any other sampling rate, the first box will just resample it to 96k with an ASRC.

So for that particular setup, I’d really like it if Roon just always presented that zone with exactly 96k, up- or down- sampling as necessary.

It’s a special case, but maybe enough people have special cases like that that the feature could be worth offering as a feature. Whether they do isn’t something I can answer.