Sending DSD stream from Oppo HDMI out

Pardon me as this is not strictly Roon related, but has anyone been able to output native DSD stream from the Oppo HDMI out, to any DSD DAC? I know we can now rip SACD but a direct play option has always intrigued me.


All one needs is a DSD-capable DAC with an HDMI input. Does one exist? (Not for MCH, afaik.)

As Kal hints, there aren’t many (any?) DSD capable DACs that support the HDMI transmission standard on input.

There are DACs that take I2S input via HDMI cable and there are people who have had their Oppo’s modded to be able to output I2S via HDMI cable.

See the “I2S Card Upgrade - $220” option here:

"This is add on card which extracts the I2S signal from OPPO’s internal digital audio data and transfers via HDMI to the I2S input of DAC’s such as the PS Audio DAC.

With this upgrade all digital audio signals, including SACD and DSD, can be transfered to the outside of the OPPO BD player (These signals can not be transmitted by a normal S/PDIF coaxial or optical output).

Currently, there are no standards for transmitting these I2S signals, but many manufacturers are following the PS Audio standard. This specification uses the HDMI terminal physically (not the HDMI transmission standard).

Currently PS Audio, Holo Audio and Javs DACs are confirmed for compatibility."

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What about Bryston? I’ve seen a 2ch HDMI DAC from them. Mch still the forgotten child in hi-fi.

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You’re right Greg. I think the total number could be counted on one hand (that support DSD) but this is one:


I’ve been ripping my SACDs since about a month ago and play them with Roon and my USB DAC, so I’ve stopped worrying about how I play them. No more disc players in my future.

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Thanks, that is my understanding as well, ie, very few DACs have HDMI input for DSD stream and even if they did, they run different flavors of I2S with different HDMI pin assignment. So it seems the Oppo mod and the Bryston Dac are the only ‘native’ alternatives, perhaps I could now sleep on the idea and continue to rip my SACDs :).

been ripping quite a few myself too, but since the Oppo is there I was playing with the idea of whether a simple alternative exist, apparently not what I was hoping for.

the I2S Card Upgrade mod unfortunately does not cover the 105 series :frowning:

Actually the Oppo 105 wouldn’t need any mod to play to the Bryston I linked above - it takes in standard HDMI transmission and supports DSD.

The Oppo mod would be required to feed an I2S input DAC (via HDMI cable), like with a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and some others.

Hmmm I’m sure someone out there still does it. Otherwise maybe it is a good idea to sleep on it and just continue to rip :grin:

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Thanks Sean, I am aware of the Bryston’s DSD ability by itself, I just phrased it badly. You are right, got to continue ripping :slight_smile:

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I have the Oppo 105D. When playing SACDs, the Oppo processes the data off the disk through it’s very high quality DACs. When connected via HDMI into an Integra DTR-70.4 receiver, the receiver recognizes the signal from the Oppo as DSD whether stereo or multi channel. I can play the signal direct without imaging (using the Oppo DAC), with sound stage imaging only (speaker setup / room normalization only from the receiver) or with full imaging from the receiver (using the receiver to process or up the signal from 2 to 5.1 or 5.1 to 7.1).

There are a bunch of receivers over the last 6-7 years that recognize stereo/MCH DSD in via HDMI. My neighbor has an inexpensive Yamaha RX-V465 that recognizes DSD over HDMI and you can pick one of those up for less than $100 on eBay. (Something like the Integra is still about a grand used on eBay.) I love the sound of my setup, but undoubtedly, many would not classify it as audiophile. But, with my 50+ year old ears, in my middle sized family room, it sounds awesome to me.

So, my question is: Why do you feel you need a secondary DAC? You’ve paid Oppo for a UDP to do that for you. Maybe you just need a compatible receiver. Lot’s to chose from depending on your budget and tastes.



Thanks Michael for your message, Oppo 105 is an awesome machine, love it, I hope it last a very very long time.

As good as the 105 is , as an analogue player in unmodified form, playing SACD versus ripped SACD file played from Roon through a dedicated DAC connected to the exact same setup, the difference to me with my setup and in my place is very noticeable. I was just exploring possibilities to see if there are standalone DAC that could take DSD from Oppo. Perhaps ripped SACD is a good alternative.

Good day.

Look at this
Is this what you are looking for?

It is stereo only and PCM only. Right now, I am listening to its sibling, the Evolve II-4K HDMI Multi-Channel DAC, which does up to 7.1 and up to 24/196. Still no DSD.

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