Sending out some Roon Love

I know there is plenty of criticism posted here, some of it warranted. I just wanted to say my wife and I decided to come to our other home, a cabin in the middle of the woods in Western NC–true social distancing as we have 14 acres bordering a national forest. The electric co-op here recently, using a federal grant for Internet deserts, installed fiber optic so this trip we were able to pack up Roon in a small little Pelican case–Intel NUC with Roon Rock, a 2 Tb SSD with all of our music, and a Chord Mojo. Hooked everything up in less than 3 minutes and it never hiccupped. With over 400 Mbs download and 600+ upload speed, there is no hesitation.
I just wanted to say being able to transport 2200 CD’s, Tidal and Qobuz in a tiny little case is a huge reason to own Roon software. Rant over.


The reality is though, virtually everything is on Tidal. So with a reliable internet connection, no local music storage is required at all in your ‘mobile Roon core’ scenario.

“Virtually everything” - but not everything. I’ve certainly got some albums that are not available from streaming services AFAIK, not to mention my own home-produced compilations and recordings.

Of course, which is why I qualified the statement. For ‘Cabin in the woods’ use case, I think it is probably accurate. :grinning:

Hi Jim. I am from Asheville Western NC.

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Hello Khang,
My cabin is just outside of Hot Springs, NC; not far from you.

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