Separate file for albums in own hard disk

For all users:
I wish to have a file in which it appears ONLY my albums in my own hard disk, NOT mixed with album of my library which include as well Tidal or Qobuz.
I think this can easily be made by you.

Hi Franciso Gaston

What type of file would you like to have.

Exporting to Excel of all your local albums is extremely easy to do.

Go to Album Browser, and click on Focus, select Storage Locations, and click on the your local albums’ folder name

You will only see your local albums in the Album Browser now.

Click right on the first album in order to Select it.
At the top left, you can now click on Select All

Click left on the Tripple Dot symbol (at the top at the right from Play Now)

A new menu with Export is presented.

Click Export and go from there.

Hope this helps


Very clear and helpfull.Enough for what I did want.
Thanks a lot