Separate out live and bootleg albums

Loving the new feature in 1.1 to be able to tag albums as live or bootleg. Also to be able to recognise compilations. This is of limited use however if the list of albums under each artist cannot be sorted this way. What would make sense to me is to have an option to have live albums and bootlegs each separate from the “main albums” list, in a similar way to “Singles, EPs and Compilations” are. Is this possible and am I missing something?


This were they can’t win, I want all albums, be they bootleg or live including EP’s all in the same list.
The added labelling is great. Love the new Alphabet keyboard on Andriod too.

Re “they can’t win” - the simple answer is to make it an option, so it will suit everybody :smile:

Can the devs confirm that separating out the live and bootleg albums is not currently possible? Quite surprising if so.

I remember at the beginning they said Roon would ‘Never’ be finished as it will always evolve based on user feedback and preference.
This will be a long satisfying game.

I second the request to be able to separate them in the artist view, particularly bootlegs, as I don’t consider them “main” albums.

In the case of some artists in my collection, the bootlegs outnumber official releases by literally hundreds of albums, and scrolling through bootlegs to find the studio releases is a pain. Certainly not a huge deal, but it seems this would be relatively easy to fix, assuming the possibility doesn’t exist already.

I’m just very surprised that this isn’t apparently possible and would be keen for the devs to pass some comment on this.

I would repost this under Suggestions.

@rugby i moved this to feature requests

I presume your comment danny indicates that this feature is not yet possible? If not then please add it to your list (perhaps as an “interim” update) :smiley:

correct. yup, @mike gave me work item to do this.

Glad to hear that it’s on the roadmap!

Ok, this example has mostly sold me on the need to do something here.

We designed some really cool behavior for the Appearances section of artist details a while back, before launch. I can’t remember the exact artist, but I owned their solo albums, as well as albums from a group they had been a part of, and a bunch of other random albums they had appeared on.

The artist was best known for their work with the group, but all the famous work they did together was lumped in with the grab bag of other appearances, and was IMO insufficiently prominent on this artists page. So, we built some logic that said if enough of the appearances were with the same group, we’d split it to its own row.

So now, if you have two Miles Davis albums on which Coltrane played, you’ll see them under appearances. If you have a many albums on which they collaborated, you’re likely to get a “With Miles Davis” row on Coltrane’s page!

I’m wondering if a similar solution would be good here. If I own 2 Grateful Dead albums, and one is a bootleg, I’m not sure I want two rows, with 1 album a piece. Alternatively, if I had 400 bootlegs, I could definitely see myself wanting those split them off from their studio albums.

What do you guys think? I’d love to avoid the clutter and potential confusion that could be caused by forcing this distinction on people who only have a handful of recordings by a given artist. I’d also love to avoid making this a setting, since there will inevitably be people who would prefer it one way or the other, but simply don’t know about the setting.

I think if we can make this smart, everyone will be happy… And then we can talk about what to do if an album is both a live album AND a bootleg :smile:

I would advocate for the setting mike - and agree that it shouldn’t be forced on people. If someone doesn’t know about the setting they would find out soon enough by looking here. I don’t think having it grouped with albums if there are a few, or separate if there are a lot is a good idea - but have no problem with this if it was just an option also.

I would imagine that out of the Roon userbase, the preference either way would be about 50/50, so making it an option would be the way to go!

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Good examples, Mike.

This applies to me with Grateful Dead and Phish, or even Prince and The Beatles. I have tons of live recordings of these artists, sometimes audience recordings of the first two bands that are named simply by date and venue and maybe with a recording source. In the case of Prince bootlegs, they are typically named by label and catalog number, because otherwise these bootlegs (which typically have a “title”) are hard to organize. I wouldn’t expect Roon to be able to offer much assistance here but a separate section would at least move the somewhat organized clutter away from the official releases.

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What if you use the icons and place them on top as a filter you can push it to show or hide certain groups. If you want to see only main albums push main active if you also want to have live you can activate (filter them too) so with buttons you can show or hide or focus on what you want that moment. May also with a button for missing Live, compilations or main albums. I like the collaboration ide too in sections below the main albums, I thought that was already available on some artist in 1.0.

Too much work in my opinion DigiBert. Much easier to have the option to sort it the way described above by default.

@mike, Have you taken a look at how rateyourmusic divides up an artists discography. Personally I like what they do the best. I’ve attached a link to how they treat Jethro Tull for example.

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