Seperate Roon Databases

Is there any way to have multiple databases? I would like to keep my 2 channel music seperate from my multichannel collection. A simple way would be you click on Albums and see the 2 options and when you choose stereo you see only your stereo album covers.


Why not use bookmarks for this? Use Focus to create them.

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Thanks Geoff

I was able to get that to work…:slight_smile:

it’s though a laborious task to have to bookmark every album one by one, but in my case I’m happy that there is a solution. When I added the stereo albums all of them had the New tag at the upper left. Would have been nice to able to click on all the New ones and bookmark them all in one shot.

Don’t tag your albums use the Focus on format, I only see the Stereo option but I assume multi channel is also an option if had multi channel audio.

You then add a bookmarks to these smart focus results and all new albums will automatically appear in your bookmarks.

Eh? bookmark every album one-by-one? You’re not doing it right…

In the Album Browser:

  1. click Focus.
  2. Click the Format button
  3. Check the Stereo box
  4. Click the Bookmark
    5 Create a Bookmark called “Stereo”

For mutli-channel: in step 3, check the 5.1 box, then in step 5 call it “Multi-channel”

Job done. And when you add new albums, they will automatically be added to the relevant bookmark results.


Thanks Geoff and Jeff…

I see the difference

I like your method much better…:wink:

This eliminates one advantage that my former music app had…

I have a strange issue with the stereo tracks in Roon. My setup currently is 7.3. The preamp will matrix 2.0 up to 7.1.

however now all the stereo play only in 2.0. Playing stereo in the previous music app would matrix to 7.1. Same with playing a CD in my OPPO - the preamp will output 7.1 - Roon stereo only.

I have gone thru the settings and cant solve this.

back to my previous post, is Roon outputting PCM or Bitstreaming? is there a way to specify ?