Serious FOCUS tab display issue

The problem in a nutshell: no matter what display size one chooses, the “SHOW MORE” blue label in the Focus tab will not be shown for some fields (genre, composers, performer…) preventing one from actually using that field.

Windows : in “scale and layout”, I tried the recommended 100% display size but I also anything up to 150%. No luck there, even at 100% (which is way too small for my eyes) some “show more” menus will be cropped. (See the screenshot taken at 100% display: the performer “view more” is cropped, I can’t actually choose any other performers than those shown in the first 6 lines).

Ipad OS: Settings > Accessibility, then select Display & Text Size. I had a little more luck there with the second-smallest setting, which is very small and makes text (bios, album description…) a pain to read, not to mention the hassle of having to change that setting all the time to be able to use your ipad normally (even if one adds a shortcut for that in the control centre menu).

Speculation: when the metadata (performer, genre…) is long, it is displayed over 2 lines. Now, the first 6 entries are shown for every field. When every field holds into a single line, there are no display problems. But when one or two fields need 2 lines, then the “show more” menu is cropped or thrown out the frame.

A possible and simple solution for the next (and hopefully soon to come!) update could be to only display the first 4-5 entries instead of the first 6.

This is not only an accessibility issue, but a functionality one, as it makes the focus tab partially unusable. I hope the Roon staff is aware of that.

In any case, I would very much like to know if I am I the only one to experience problems with the display of the focus tab, and if there are workarounds while waiting for a fix. Thanks to let me know, and thanks for reading.


Yup, this is a bug :frowning:

It should be fixed in our next release, thanks for the feedback here @KML!


Thanks @kml for flagging this … I thought I was missing something when could not get it to display or view more on bottom of some columns! On that note do you know what the pin symbol next to each column in focus means or does?

Hello, this problem has already been reported several times, Roon 1.8 - View More sometimes not available in Focus [Ticket In] for instance 6 days ago. As many people report problems with Roon 1.8, it is difficult to search for similar issues.
I have exactly the same problem, with a Windows PC or an Android tablet. But with my Android phone, “view more” is always working, so I can use it, but I am waiting for a quick fix!
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Same issue here. Looking forward to the fix.

Obviously, the pin symbol allows one to pin the desired focus categories (genre, composers, labels, etc.). Interestingly, the order of the those categories can be custumized.

Suppose, for exemple, that the size of your display supports 6 categories and that you want to pin the following, from left to right in that precise order : tags, genres, composers, performers, labels, and format. To achieve that, you will have to do the following:

  1. First, make sure everything is unpinned (no blue pins).
  2. Then, start pinning in reverse order, from right to left : format, then labels, then performers, then composers, then genres, then tags.

Unless I miss the evident, the process seems needlessy difficult to me (go figure why the designer didn’t simply allow to directly drag the colums or select them, just like in tracks or playlists views). But however unintuitive and bizarre, the pinning feature actually works.

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