Serious Memory Leak (Windows 10)

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10
Dell 27 all in one i7
16 Gb RAM
SSD drive
roon build 952

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ethernet wired through several unmanaged switches

Connected Audio Devices

mix of chromecast devices and Chord Mojo

Number of Tracks in Library

all Qobuz

Description of Issue

core has a serious memory leak during playback, if it runs for a few hours it consumes all available ram on server, using task manager i see Roon go over 13 Gb, stopping the app from task manager allows it to start up again and play normally

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Any thoughts on this? Roon is now unusable for me for the first time in 3.5 years. It stops working after running 2-3 hours.

I’m having the same issue. Within a couple hours roon server requires a restart. I had a similar issue in the past that seem to be tied to using the display function but after the latest update the issue is happening even when the system is idle. I have a similar setup. Windows 10 HP laptop 16 Gb RAM SSD drive I7 processor that is dedicated to running the roon server. I mainly have Chromecast devices and some Sonos devices.

Hi @Bill_Wolff, @Daniel_Natale,

I’m following up here just in case you didn’t see this tracking thread: Memory leak in Roon?! [Solved: Update to Build 970]

There were several known memory leaks which the team resolved in Build 970. Please update your Core and Remotes to the most recent build if you haven’t already.

If you continue to experience any issues, please reach out in a new topic and we’ll be happy to support.

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