Server formerly on early access now on production, why/how?

I’ve been on early access since you could be on early access. I’ve been busy at work (using ARC without a problem) and not listening to much music at home. Took a look at things this morning and I see that Roon reports my server as being on build 2.0 (1311) production. My laptop remote is on w2.0 (1310) earlyaccess. My iPhone remote is on 2.0 (1310) earlyaccess. I can’t find a current version list anywhere other than from September of last year. Is this setup going to cause issues for me? Should everything be running earlyaccess builds? How can I get my server back onto an earlyaccess build? Glad to fill in the support template, more of a curiosity question right this moment, everything is working, albeit my remotes are responding quite slowly. Thanks.

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See Updating Windows or macOS cores or remotes to earlyaccess on

See the release notes, B1310 download links are in the latest one:


Really appreciate the quick help, @Suedkiez

Busy at work again, ARC is working ok, I’ll fiddle when I get home this evening and let you know how I do. Any idea how I disembarked from the early access train on my server/core?

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I have no idea. Occasionally in the past there were individual reports claiming unintended switching of channels, but I don’t know if this ever was confirmed (and in these instances that I saw, people frankly also seemed a bit confused, so it wasn’t clear what they had done and then forgotten)

Maybe Roon staff knowns more or can find out…

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All good now - same build, early access train re-boarded. Thanks again for pointing me to the link, I wasn’t sure what the latest early access release was.


By the way, in the EA Release Notes forum category you can also subscribe to notifications, then you get a forum notification or an email (depending on your forum settings) whenever there is a new topic, i.e., a new EA release

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