Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

I would really love to see Wake on LAN implemented as well. 10W might not sound a lot, but it quickly adds up when running 24/7, especially at European prices.


For me, it’s that I generally don’t like to leave connected devices open and exposed to possible malware attack for longer than necessary. A sleeping PC I suppose is less at risk than a fully awake PC. There may be times for whatever reason I could go several weeks without listening to my music, so certainly good practice not to keep the PC fully awake.

In the meantime, I’ve installed a WOL iPhone app that does the job. But it seems it would be a really simple thing for Roon to natively include in their client apps as well.

I’ve just done this with a WOL app to wake my core and NAS, but honestly it feels quite clunky that Roon can’t just send WOL to the IP/MAC of the core/store itself.


I have had the same experience as CraigK. JRiver implements WOL perfectly. I can not understand why Roon won’t do this. I’ve been asking for this for over two years. There are several utilities available that do this and no reason Roon could not incorporate this feature.


In fact, I was premature - WOL does indeed wake up my core and NAS OK, but now I’m having an issue where Roon is preventing the PC (core) from sleeping anyway. Very annoying.

ScreenMachine-James, I confirm this is the same exact issue I’m having. Seems there are two issues: 1. The need (desire) for Roon to implement WOL on its Control apps, and 2. A problem whereas Roon prevents PC from going back to sleep once accessed from a remote Control app. I’ve posted detail of my experience with the sleep issue under the separate thread Roon is preventing Windows from sleeping

Sounds like you and I have a similar setup and are experiencing similar issues.

WOL is a good idea.

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Several. Off the top of my head, suggestions about a “smart” replaygain type setting and addition of streaming radio stations (ability to add URLs).

10W = 10Wh per hour
10Wh * 24hours in a day = 240Wh
240Wh * 30days in a month = 7200Wh, or 7.2kWh

Let’s take the worst case situation, and assume you pay for electricity in Denmark, which has the highest price – a rate of €0.31 per kWh (wow that’s high!).

7.2kWh * €0.31 = €2.23

Sorry, but it doesn’t quickly add up.

Ok, I get it. You can’t implement WOL. Thanks for considering…

It can be implemented, but not in a way that we’d be happy with the experience. We do not want to encourage that.

You have a workaround by using WoL apps, and Nucleus does support it if you chose to go down that road.


It’s not about the price for me, but the useless power consumption. I think it’s a big design mistake. If there was an alternative for Roon this was the reason to leave. It’s like you guys living in the dark ages when it’s coming to energy consumption.


I agree, I think it’s a bit defeatist just to say people wouldn’t be happy with the experience when you’re in control of crafting it so that they are, but perhaps there’s some fundamental reason why not?

  • Server: “I’m not playing music, or anything, I’ll go to sleep.”
  • Control point: “hey server, wake up, I want to hear music.”

It seems so easy :grinning:


I guess it’s the “… or anything …” that’s the difficult part, as I understanding the Roon Core is constantly checking back with “Roon HQ” for metadata updates. Maybe that’s the part that Danny has concerns with?

As an aside … as a software architect / developer myself, I like to strive towards “smarter systems” I work in automated logistics and a hot topic these days is reduction in average and peak power demain … the later hits our clients hard in the pocket. See we now have “smart” systems that help to mitigate the power requirements … we do this by making sure that the larger electric motors don’t all spin up together … and at time of low utilisations the devices switch into low power states. Of course there are compromise … but our algorithms are turnable by the user to achieve the right balance for them.

Have you read this:

Roon has to work cleanly for all potential installations. Not just one where the Roon topology is fairly simple.

What about cases where there are more than 1 RoonCore on the same network? What about cases where the endpoints are different PCs, do they need a separate WOL? It sounds like a WOL manager is needed.

Upgrade to run ROCK on Intel NUC 8. gen. In mysetup the server consumes 2.9 watt during standby (no music played).

I have rarely read a more unhelpful and arrogant reply to a user request!

Mmm, is it that difficult to make WOL optional so it can be switched on under the right circumstances? It seems to me that the vast majority of us do not have multiple cores and would really like WOL which should be part and parcel of a music streamer. As many have already pointed out it works fine in JRiver.

Ps. I switched from Sonos to Roon because what the devs wanted and what I expected from the software had drifted apart so much that I no longer could do the things I wanted. Roon is nice and I sincerely hope I can stick with it a little longer: it does so many things well.

What are you referring to re:Sonos? I love Roon but there are things Sonos is really good at

If you are asking me what I do not like about Sonos, I do not know where to begin … Three things are pretty crucial though:

  1. No support for large collections
  2. No support for HD rips
  3. They actually abandoned most support for playlists based on users’ collections (putting their faith in on-line streaming)

Instead of support for their old user base, they went for those who like to scream back at their speakers and hold “meaningful” dialogues with them (no Alexa not this version of the song but XXXX …)

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