Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

California US kWh rate averages right about the same as Germany.

US average is way lower.

Is WOL now implemented in 1.8 as a feature (or an option)? Haven’t been able to test this yet.

If you review the release notes, if WOL has been implemented it would have been so noted. I don’t remember seeing it listed.

Another vote for WoL. This should really be a simple feature, please add it to your roadmap.

Does anyone know of a good WoL App for Mac?


Thanks dinosaur. I will have a look.

I was hoping to issue the WoL command from my iPhone since I am not near a computer where the main HiFi is. Roon is running on a mac that is in a different room.


Thanks. I actually have this on my mobile (was not aware). I tried to set it up with my previous Mac (Macbook Pro 2015) but it did not work. I just tried it with the MAcbook Air M1 and it does not work.


I use Screen Sharing and VLC to wake up my Mac mini. Screen Sharing when I am working on my MacBook and VLC from the iPhone or iPad. Works best for me.

Waking this thread just to report I’ve been using Rock with WOL since getting my last electricity bill, and it works great - though a little clunky.

@Danny please re-consider building this functionality INTO Roon. Its kinda over due :slight_smile:

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Have you gotten another bill since then? I’m super curious how much it goes down… please report back. What is your ROCK setup? what are you using for the NUC and for audio zones?

Mmm, okay, I’m not sure if you’re serious, but Rock is a 7i5BEH (amp per user profile). The NUC draws a whopping ten watts, which is more than I use to light the whole house. 10watts (@34 cents/kwh in Germany) is 2.48 euro per month. I listen to music approx 2 hours per day = 8 cents / month… so using WOL I save 2.40 a month, or ~30 euro per year. I figure after 23 years, I can afford a Roon lifetime subscription with the money I’ve saved :+1: … but that’s not the point, I’ll have a better conscience :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m serious, because I’m not sure the savings are as big as “back of the napkin math” would imply. The problem is there are assumptions in that calculation that I know to be wrong.

For example, you have assumed a static usage of 10Wh, but I know this to not be true. A booting up NUC will use far more energy than an idle NUC.

But yah, even with that worst case situation of a static 10W consumption, I’m still leaning on the side of “leave your appliance on”.

Danny…one of the other problems for some with leaving the appliance on is the constant hard disk access for those of us who use a NAS to store music. Roon is hammering away at the disks 24/7 constantly passing SMB traffic when there’s nothing going on. There’s a long thread already in support with the background but I personally now power off my NUC at a set time and use WOL to start up again.

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Yep, it draws 15 watts when booting up, but 10w on this (7i5) model is fairly constant both idle and while serving music (to one endpoint). I know, I’ve measured it. It may be napkin math, but the numbers are close enough to be realistic. I’ll keep powering it off when not in use, despite the inconvenience.

An idle nucleus can get down to 2-3W, but I’ve seen bootup can be as high as 55W.

I’m using this to measure:

sounds like a great solution to reduce power, workaround the issue at hand, and not degrade the experience at all.

Is the figure you use for booting the same as wake up from sleep? My impression is every battery-powered mobile device sleeps when unused to preserve battery life. I know you are using the Roon-approved NUC platfrom for your data, but it shouldn’t be that different.

Also, I don’t understand why there is so much push back on implementing this. I suppose there will be some user configuration support headaches, but making our compute-centric lifestyles greener should be "A Good Thing"™.

On that note (a brief detour here), why not release a beta, non-supported version of ROCK with experimental features (like WOL!). Also allow SSH too (please).

Thanks for your consideration.

if you dont care about the user experience, there are already ways do this:

  1. for non-Roon OS:
  • set your operating system up to sleep however you want
  • use one of many free apps available for android or iOS to send the magic wake-on-lan packet to wake up your machine
  1. for Roon OS:
  • bookmark the web UI and hit power off button when you want to “sleep”. you could skip this by going via Roon as well, as the web UI is linked in settings → setup → configure-roon-os.
  • use one of many free apps available for android or iOS to send the magic wake-on-lan packet to wake up your machine

Yes, you have to use another app, and yes you have to set up some sleep stuff or manually do it, but it’s not such an effort to reduce power usage, is it? :blush:

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I am ALL totally thumbs up for this Sever Sleep and Wake on LAN thing. When ROCK realizes it has nothing to do it should put my NUC to sleep. This would resolve my “No need to check NAS availability every 5 seconds” issue. When I pick up my Ipad to start playing some tunes send a Wake on LAN to kick start the NUC. However it looks like this topic was created in May 2015 and it is now May 2021 and this feature has not been implemented yet so now holding my breath.

It can go to sleep because it has to check the NAS every 5 seconds. It can’t stop checking the NAS every 5 seconds because it’s not going to sleep so it gets bored and it needs to do something… Go figure!

I do care about user experience as I would hope Roon does. But in considering the options you present, I’m a bit confused. I’m in the second case - I have ROCK installed on a Zotac passively-cooled mini-pc (thanks for making that possible!). If I click on the power icon on the web UI page - the Zotac shuts down - it’s not sleeping. How is an app supposed to “wake it up”?