Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

Wake on Lan is a function that can be set in the BIOS of the computer. In essence, your computer BIOS is listening on the WAN port(s) and will initiate a power up if it gets the proper signal, from one of the apps danny is referencing.

I have worked my way through this long saga and am disgusted by the Roon responses.

I would summarise the discussion as this…

  • There is a very strong community request for WOL.

  • There is a very strong economic case for WOL.

  • There is a very strong environmental case for WOL.

  • Roon’s techies have responded in strength to the above with a stream of nay saying reasons why they will not implement any of the suggestions, amplified by a succession of reasons why they alone think it can’t be/won’t be done.

Customers 0 - Roon Luddites 100
Sensible path forward 0 - Roon Luddites 1000

As a PhD in computer science it is trivial to implement what the Community asks for and even simpler to offer this as a user switch option yes/no.

Roon spends more time and effort giving the finger :fu: to the Community than it would take to implement the desired option.

I would hope that Roon is better than this… great product… sadly at risk of becoming a product to avoid owing to poor respect for its customers.

Now wait to see if Roon can be supportive and listens… or if I get banned…

Dr John Gillies


ATM I’m using apple shortcuts to turn off my Ubuntu RPI4 endpoint, and WOL for my NUC/Apple shortcuts to switch off. Works fine, but I agree it would be a better user experience with this inbuilt into the Roon app.

I would welcome WOL/Standby Rock control, and even a custom section for scripting.

But… as a priority I would prefer Roon fixes the existing issues in the software first… Like pause/play issues, GUI ripping issues in PEQ control, etc.

Yeah, I really don’t see what the problem is here. WOL works fine, but I’m not sure why I’m forced to use a third party app to do it, this functionality should be built in.

WOL Command sent by the remote App would be a great feature. At the moment I always have to either start the core (MacMini) directly or via my Remote Desktop App, that supports WOL.



I also would like to have WOC service for my NUC in the ROON-Software

On average I can use ROON for 2 hours a day, most of the day my dedicated ROON server is sleeping.

Would it be possible to send a magic package if the configured ROON CORE cannot be found?
Currently I use a 3th party WOL app, it would improve the user experience if the ROON clients could send the package.

An additional nice feature would be if ROON ROCK would support WOL. Currently I use Ubuntu and autosuspend. In autosuspend you can configure bandwidth thresholds for sleeping, which works great with ROON!

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Solution on my Windows 11 Roonserver:

  • With ‘powercfg /requests’ check the exe keeping your server awake
  • With ‘powercfg /requestsoverride’ prevent this exe from keeping it awake
  • Install the app ‘Coffee_FF’, and have it start with windows
  • Setup the ‘Download/upload treshhold’, and the ‘Delay to remove sleepblock’ in this app
  • In your networkcard settings check ‘allow this device to wake…’, and uncheck ‘only allow a magic pattern…’

Result: if I start Roon on my tablet, my server wakes and starts Coffee_FF. This app keeps the server awake as long as there is network activity, in other words: as long as I stream music with Roon. If I stop Roon on my tablet, Coffee_FF stops blocking Windows from sleeping and the normal windows powerplan becomes active.
If I start Roon on my tablet again, the server wakes, Coffee_FF starts blocking, ect…

It’s a bit technical maybe, but google is your friend :slight_smile:

@Peter_Brand Thanks for the suggestion! I tried something similar, unfortunately it is not a solution (for my situation). When I disable the “the only magic pattern”, other devices within my network wake up the computer.

Implementation suggestion:
Add a “Wake up core” button next to the “Select a different core” button. The button could be hidden by default. Add a setting in the core or client to display the button. The magic package should be sent to the configured core.

I assume that the idle power consumption of modern computers is seen as neglectable. This does not hold for all computers! See the environmental impact these efforts could make. How many dedicated roon servers are currently running 24/7?