Servers and remotes

I’ve just done something dumb but harmless and in the process realized there’s stuff I don’t understand.

I run RoonServer on a headless NUC connected via network to a Bridge II on a PS Audio DS DAC. I control it via Roon running on a MacBook Pro laptop.

This morning I was playing around with Tidal and Roon–I had just read something suggesting that Roon can piggyback on Tidal’s software MQA conversion and was eager to try it out, but never mind that–so anyway I tried a USB connection for the first time in months. But–here’s the dumb thing, because I wasn’t thinking–I connected the cable to the laptop–the remote–and not the NUC.

And it worked.

Thinking about it now, I realize this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed audio output from my laptop/remote via Roon. I first noticed it after a friend pointed out he was getting sound from his iPad remote. Even so, it’s new and surprising.

An oddity, which may or may not be relevant: When I do so, the PS Audio DAC indicates I’m playing 24/96 even though I’m playing red book (16/44.1) files. I’ve thought perhaps this is related to the fact that I’ve playing software-decoded MQA files via Tidal, by USB from my laptop. So I closed Tidal, and I closed Roon. When I unplug the USB cable, the stats disappear from the DS front panel. When I plug it back in–Roon and Tidal still closed, no audio being sent–it indicates 24/96. When I reopen Roon (remote) and start playing a CD-res file (via USB, from the laptop/remote) the 24/96 indication persists. But that’s an aside; may main point is this: Can someone explain audio output from Roon remotes?

Sure, all Roon installations have the ability to output to DACs native, ie local, to that remote, such as the Mac’s internal sound card or any DAC plugged into the Mac via USB. as well as function as control points. iPads/iPhones cannot as iOS prevents that sort of thing, but, Android doesn’t have that issue so you can use your phone as the audio endpoint as well as the control.

So, you can do things, like play one album to your Ethernet connected PS Audio and then play a different album out your laptop speakers, at the same time. Heck, if you uncheck the local option in the setting for the Roon Remote, then you could actually, use your phone to control music output to your laptop’s speakers.

Best. Topic. Opening. Ever. :slight_smile:

All remotes (except for iOS) can also function as a zone. Think of Roon as a remote with RoonBridge built in. You can set a zone on a remote to private, so it can only be operated on the remote itself – or to non-private, in which case it functions as a regular zone.

That’s impossible, I’m afraid: there’s no playback for iOS (yet). Android, yes – iOS, no.

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Damn, beaten by @RBM and @Rugby.

I will add that you were probably running the PS Audio DAC through System Output on the remote computer and may be getting the 24/96 output because of the Audio Midi Settings. Just a guess.

Anyway, you would have to go into Settings > Audio tab and configure it properly. You should see it under Connect to this Mac.

Cheers, Greg

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Just to add, (for the sake of clear understanding) I would imagine you’re running just Roon on your MacBook Pro for control. You would only have a single Core (RoonServer in this case) running in any normal setup.

If I understand the terminology, Roon on the MacBook Pro is merely a remote, as you say, for control. RoonServer is running on the NUC. I feel like I’ve just repeated what I wrote above, so I’m not sure I’ve clarified anything.

Its a pity Roon Control can’t output to a lightning connected DAP like the OPPO HA-2 … or Ightning to USB OPPO HA-1 DAC, I’m sure the audio out of an android phone might be quite tragic…that said maybe to the same OPPO OTG connected DAP it might just work

Just discovered the reason for the confusion Originally I wrote that RoonServer was running on my MacBook Pro. That’s silly; the MacBook Pro is running Roon not RoonServer. Sorry for the confusion.

How can i control roon from an os x laptop when i’ve got roon server running on a headless server? Didn’t think that was possible.

Yes, you can: make sure Roon on your laptop is set to ‘Use as remote’.

Oh dang. Thank you!