Service unstable

Since about 10 days i have the impression that the server infrastructure is unstable. Suddenly Tidal login is not possible, i get errors when i read the knowledge base, now it seems that there is a problem with metadata, i cannot identify new albums. Is it just me or is there a broader problem ? I am a member since March and have been loving Roon since then but the constant hickups in the last two weeks make me wonder…

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Google cloud is down at the moment which is the problem now.

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thousands of companies are in bad shape right now… multiple availability zones in google’s cloud infrastructure are down.

they had a major power outage:

as for TIDAL login issues, we are working with TIDAL on this… it looks like they are having issues across the board with their new OAuth base authentication mechanism.


The blessings of cloud services. Good to have a local library…


I have the same with roon sometimes… I search and search… :innocent:
Tidal not connected and qobuz stopped sometimes.
Start my rock new… the next day the same music stop it, with playing :notes:

I have been having the same experiences - good to know it’s no just me!

You can reboot many times now. Won‘t help if cloud down :partying_face::partying_face:

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Yes I have see it… :innocent: :partying_face: