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Hi, I would like to be able to set a DNS name for roon ARC to connect to, as my IP address changes frequently, but it will not allow me to input anything into the IP address field. Can this be supported? It seems like a very trivial thing to resolve a DNS entry instead of just following an IP address.

There’s no way to specify DNS or IP in ARC. That is part of the core registration.

What do you mean “core registration”? Where do I register my core?

The core gets registered when you log into it.

Right. But I can’t set the IP address of my core? Currently it is just set to the machine’s local IP address.


ARC uses the core’s public IP. The only way I know how to get that is to search for “my ip address” in a browser (or navigate to a site that shows your IP) on any machine on your home network. It wouldn’t matter though, since you can’t use it in ARC.

Roon Core, from what I’ve been able to determine by user comments, identifies and sets the external IP every 4 hours. ARC learns this when you start it and login.

In a way, this functions like a personal dynamic DNS service.

So if you have a dynamic IP from your provider (which most people do), and that changes, ARC will pick it up within 4 hours?


That’s my understanding.

But no way to manually enter the IP/DNS name and port Roon ARC should connect to? It just tries to detect it itself? Right now it just shows my local IP which obviously won’t work.

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The local IP is what Roon client uses. ARC needs the core’s public IP, and it gets that - and the port - from the core registration. There’s no detection per se.

The roon arc client uses the public IP not the local IP.

Ignore the cgnat bit but this explains how roon core, public IP and client are associated (it’s what I worked out from packet captures and roon don’t really share info on how the products work so may be wrong)

This 4 hours thing you guys are talking about is wrong. There are multiple things going on that should make it so the public IP stays up to date.

Every few hours (maybe 4?) we may reannounce to Roon cloud services where your public IP is. This is probably what the guys saying “4 hours” are seeing.

If your public IP changes, that’ll break connections outbound. At that point, the Roon Core will make another connection back to our cloud services, thus updating the public IP.

If we know your Core has been around recently, but things are still not working from ARC to your Core, the our services can send “push notifications” to your Core. We use this normally to send metadata updates, get logs, and send alerts, etc… This push request tells the Core to tell the cloud services to refresh the public IP state, at which point the ARC will try again with updated data.

Have you run into an actual issue or is this just preparation for the future?

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Hi @danny, no, I actually have a more subtle issue. I have double NAT-ed internet, and I can’t port forward through the second NAT. I have setup a cloudflare tunnel on the machine I run Roon on, which exposes it to the internet, but at a DNS name given to the cloudflare tunnel (my guess is that one IP address handles many such tunnels, and a reverse proxy directs traffic based on the name). Anyways, I would like to be able to point RoonARC at this DNS name on a given port, but from what I’ve found this doesn’t seem to be supported yet, is that true?

You need Roon’s outbound traffic to always exit via that tunnel and then it’ll all work.

@danny yes that could work. But currently no way to circumvent the auto-detection feature, and just manually configure the target host/port? Do you think this could be on the roadmap?

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