Set two zones as stereo (Squeezebox)

I was thinking using a dual setup with Squeezebox radios or Boom as stereo.

Will this be possible to set up two zones as right and left speaker and create stereo?

Or if it make more sence, split one zone into left and right endpoint ?

Could also be Sonos or any one speaker setup system. Even created using other endpoints as Chromecast into old radios like the Tivoli


Any feedback possible ?

You can group them together in Roon then use DSP to make one left onky and one right only.

Use DSP on each radio and set the mute to the channel you don’t want on that device. Warning the Radios have a bit of leakage from the left all the same.

Thanks I will test it out on my two Boom.

It would be great if I actually can obtain stereo.

Looking at that picture, it seems I can have a full multichannel setup :grinning: