Set up issues with arc

Roon Core Machine

Im using a m1 macbook pro woth all the latest updates

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I am currently using a ExpressVPN, but even when I turn that off the problem still persists.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Im attempting to connect using roon arc on my galaxy s 21. So here is the issue.

Well I hope someone will reach out to help, because, currently, the option posted on the website, is punch a hole in my firewall, or run some huge risks with my wifi router, which could result in my router not being the same again if I properly screw things up. My router is a belkin, and my modem comes from spectrum

Roon Arc is supposed to be easy to set up, and so far, nothing I have read on how to fix my issue, which happens to be an issue a lot of people are currently having, is anywhere near being easy. Obviously, Arc works. It ran the first time around, for about two days before I started having issues. And if I reset everything, it will run for a day or two. Just long enough to brag about it and then come round later with egg on my face when it stops working. Possibly an update is needed? Something most certainly has to be done.

I downloaded roon core on the mac. Install was a breeze. Put Arc on my phone so I could take my roon experience with me when I was out n about. This worked very well for a day or 2. Then it just stopped connecting. I would get a message saying Arc is not set up to run outside of my network, after I had spent two days literally just doing that. After fighting with the app, I would do a complete uninstall, reset everything, and it would work again for a day or two, and that was it. Roon works great, at home, on the network, and that’s great, if I just want to use roon at home, but the whole reason I paid for a year, up front, was so I could use Arc, and take the experience with me. Unfortunately it has not worked out that way.

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