Setting Low Pass and High Pass Filters in Kef Connect for LSX II and KC62

There is a default setting that KEF Connect spits out for the low and high pass filters when the LSX II and KC62 are selected as your system:
Low pass: 47.5
High pass: 67.5

Knowing what we know about the LSX II’s frequency responses aren’t these set a bit low?
If I move both of the values up should the delta between them (20Hz) remain the same? Can I go something like 75 high pass, 60 low pass with a 15Hz delta or would that give me a bump in that range?

Thanks for any clarity.

Sidenote: the default setting also turn sub gain down to -1dB

Here are for the LS50WII’s the recommended settings

These settings would work better for the LS50 Wireless II, which has a larger mid-woofer and play a bit lower than the LSX II. On my LSX (original), I use 80 Hz LPF and HPF settings and in my room this sounds very good.

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Thanks, but wouldn’t having the LPF and HPF at the exact same frequency cause a “hump”?

This has been somewhat helpful:,passed%20to%20the%20appropriate%20drivers.

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It may perform in that manner, but it depends on the slopes of the HPF and LPF and how they may combine in your room and system. Without a spectrum analyzer, this may need to be tuned by ear (which is what I have done). I recommend you try a few different settings and settle on what seems best in your room and system.