Setting storage folder in NAS

I’ve just finished my Roon Server setting in my QNAP TS251, when I was trying to assign a folder in Settings > Storage > Add folder. I could not see my album showing up in Roon remote. I have repeat adding many many times, doesn’t work at all! No albums was detected.
Have I missed some settings?

did you give the folder a name?

Please read QNAP - Not Showing Local Folders Anymore [See Staff Post - Guest Access Temporarily Resolves - Ongoing Investigation] in search for a workaround that works for you.

I did give it a name “Music for Roon”, didn’t work despite I uninstalled and installed it again and again.

Sorry to hear that the problem is still there and all we have to do is waiting for Roon’s investigation

have you tried using your qnap’s ip address \music ?

Yes, but it showed “Unexpected error” despite I use “” recommended by another users. No scanning action by Roon.

Is the path close to 255 characters in length?
I did that to myself here and it took me too long to figure out. My share name was simple, but the path was over 255 characters.
I can’t believe this is still an issue, but here we are.
Thanks M$

Remember it is the path on the filer, not the renamed mapped path that is important. EG my A:\Audio is really /volume2/music/new_music_repo/blah do NOT GO OVER 255 characters/.


Please check if the lowest SMB protocol version is set to SMB 2 (Configuring Samba (Microsoft Networking) Settings).

1 Like refers always to the machine itself, the “localhost”. You can’t reach a different machine with this IP

… or use the workaround?

At last, I decided not to wait anymore and change my NAS to Synology and goodbye to QNAP.