Setting up a NUC

I have ordered the NUC10i3FNH and looking forward to receiving it. I will install Rock on it and have the instructions for doing so from the Roon support website. My question is the installation process talks about plugging in a keyboard, mouse and monitor. I have the keyboard and mouse if needed but I don’t have a monitor. But the installation will be happening next to my TV. Can I use HDMI to that to act as a monitor?

Yes you can.

Yes, that will be fine.

Thanks guys for those fast answers - much appreciated! This should be a great step up for my Roon experience. The instructions look reasonably clear. Just the BIOS bit looks a little daunting but I’ll just go carefully and I’m sure I’ll get there.


I am just about to give it a go setting this up. :crossed_fingers: Is it necessary to literally update the BIOS on the NUC, as in download file to USB, boot and F7, etc? I watched a YouTube video by John Darko setting up his NUC and Rock set up and he didn’t do it. I was also thinking if I do it once then I’ll likely never do it again so Rock will eventually run on an out of date BIOS anyway (probably same for everyone and it still works). It just seems like an extra step for me to screw up in all this :roll_eyes:. Would value opinions before I start.

If you get a fairly new NUC, the BIOS may not need updating. I didn’t have to update mine (NUC10i5FNH). Just set up the boot sequence and disable UEFI.

Thanks for that Arthur. I was thinking that. It is new so probably will be fine.

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