Setting up a touch screen, what client?

Im planning to set up a 27" touch screen monitor in the kitchen to control and view the Roon player. Looking at Darko, he chose a NUC with Win10 for this. I wonder though if there is a simpler solution for wall mounting? Is there some Windows / Android stick with wifi to connect to the HDMI? But then, does the touch function work natively?

I use a raspberry pi 4 running android 13 from konstakang with a touchscreen and it works great not all apps do but Roon is perfect.

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What screen do you use? How big?

I use this one, not very big pretty industrial looking but that was the goal for me.

Interesting, and touch functionality works even though Android istn’t listed as supported OS?

It plugs into USB and it is seen as a mouse, and yeah it works perfectly, no setup no nothing.

Ah, can it be implemented even simpler by using a touch screen with the core pc? That would be a game changer for me!!