Setting up ARC on macOS 13.6.1 with U-verse and Airport Extreme

Roon Server Machine

Late 2017 iMac Pro
macOS 13.6.1
Roon 2, build 1353

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple Airport Extreme, 7.9.1
AT&T U-verse

Description of Issue

I thought it was time to experiment with ARC, which I have downloaded onto my old (8 Plus, 16.7.2) iPhone but not used to log in with yet.

When I try Settings > Roon ARC > Testing I get:

Am I correct in thinking from this KB article that Roon can’t configure the Airport for me?

Do I understand correctly that I can only use NAT-PMP?

But I am not a network specialist.

Using Apple Airport Utility, is it still possible for me to configure my Airport and network to get ARC to work?

At all costs I want to avoid:

  1. either clobbering anything else in the network, which I shall shortly be using to set up a Nucleus,
  2. or compromising security etc?

Thanks in advance to anyone with the patience to help me, please!

Mark, why don’t you wait until you get your Nucleus? That’s the device you’re going to want to use for Roon ARC.

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Thanks, Jim - I can certainly do that :slight_smile: .

Doesn’t ARC work with a desktop computer as server?

I also want to make sure that my network is configured properly so as not to run into snags when setting Nucleus up.

Yes, but you’re going to need to change the port forwarding on your router when you get the Nucleus. But, go ahead, knock yourself out. Maybe you’ll find out something about your network sooner rather than later.

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I am?

Yes, just exploring… :slight_smile:

@Mark_Sealey, what is the gateway device AT&T supplied to you that is connected to your AirPort Extreme?

Also, Roon highly recommends not using an AirPort Extreme for a network router within Roon’s ecosystem for general performance issues (and from my perspective also for security, your version has not had any security updates for over four years, which may introduce some risks in your network). I am not sure if ARC will be impacted using an Extreme.

What @Jim_F is saying is that you most likely need to use port forwarding and the Nucleus likely won’t have the same LAN IP address as the iMac you are using for testing.



Thanks for joining in. I can see I may be up against more than I thought here.

AT&T supplied (this is it on Amazon) the BWG 210.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I believe the Airport Extreme is discontinued or end of life anyway.

I hadn’t planned to have to replace that when I bought the Nucleus.

But I don’t want to introduce shaky hardware at this stage. So I’m open to alternatives.

Which replacements for the Airport Extreme should I be considering, please, then?

I’m happy to get the best - for the sake of security and performance, reliability and versatility!

Not being an expert, I’d ideally like something which I can set up myself and drop in in place of the Airport which is designed and optimized for macOS - and Roon.

I see what you’re both saying about IP addresses - and will take your advice in both cases, thanks!

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My Roon works perfectly fine with the AT&T supplied BGW320. Why do you need a second router? I have U-Verse internet and TV. I recently got upgraded to fiber 300/300 internet, but Roon worked perfectly for several years with copper 50/12.

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Not to be annoying but I highlighted this long ago:

It’s standardized networking nowadays, every good router will be fine. I seem the recall that the APE had some supposed optimizations for Apple networking over wifi but at the time their Macs had APE wifi cards as well, which I don’t think exists anymore either. With modern wifi standards it’s probably all pointless and hence discontinued.

I have an older AC gateway for my AT&T Fiber connection, so needed an AX (WiFi 6) router in my home network. The 210 should be fine unless you need to expand your WiFi coverage, but at least AT&T allows you to add an addtional router and separate and subnet your home network (which is what I do).

If you want or need to get a new router, any WiFi 6 router should be sufficient (WiFi 7 is too new and extremely expensive right now for the benefits you would receive).

You did, Mario and it’s not annoying at all :slight_smile: I should have remembered. Thanks again!

A quick look at this thread suggests:

would be good replacements. Yes?

Location location location, Jim!

Thanks, Robert - so either of those I suggested in my reply to Mario?

I have no experience with those but I guess are fine (Google for experiences), but there’s always ample online comparisons

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Don’t have personal experience with either brand so can’t say definitively. Most likely either are fine.

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Thanks, @Suedkiez and @Robert_F !

Shall continue to search.

Highly-rated ones according to those ‘Best of for 2023’ are:

But if they’re really all much-of-a-muchness, I’m veering towards the Sinology because their other hardware gets such positive feedback here on the relevant threads :slight_smile: .

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