Setting up DSD Playback strategy

Could anyway advise how do I access the dsd playback strategy ? Current can’t seems to be able find it.

Can any advise.?

You are not playing a DSD file if I am correct, it is 24/96. Roon does not upsample to DSD.

If that is what you are looking for you might want to look at HQ Player, which can be largely integrated into/controlled by roon.

As for the Roon setting ‘DSD Playback Strategy’ (that offers choice between Convert to PCM, DOP and Initial dCs): since the Directstream is RoonReady, its capabilities are known to Roon, so the setting is not needed.

What happens when you play DSD?

If I’m playing DSD material below is how it looks

If I understand you correctly the dsd playback strategy is not available because I’m using the bridge II hardware where its capability has been made known to her roon server?

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Yes, that’s the case exactly – one of the advantages of RoonReady certification.

Looking at your signal path, everything appears to be the way it should be. Enjoy the music!


Thanks for the info

I am playing DSD 128 and it is downsampled on DS Jr., which I thought accepted DSD 128. Are my Roon settings off or is this normal functionality for Roon/DS Jr for DSD 128 files.

Ds jr only does 128 on USB interface…bridge is 64 only and Roon will pass it pcm as it knows the bridge can’t go 128 or above. At least that’s how u understand it. If your bridge is near the core your you could opt to connect it via USB too…or maybe use lanrover if you have some distance.

Clear, thanks

Another option is to use a RoonBridge install (Mine are on macmini’s) - I think Raspberry Pi support that too, as would a windows miniPC like NUC etc


It appears when I play a DSD track that it is converted to PCM before being sent to the DAC.
The PS Audio directstream mentions that the signal received is “DOP” (DSD over PCM) and not “DSD” (as it is the case with Jriver for instance).

The Directstream accepts native DSD (64 with the bridge II and 128 in USB), and it’s a pitty to not get the benefit of it and have unuseful double transformation (DSD->PCM->DSD). In fact the Directstream PS Audio is built to tranform all PCM signal into DSD before going analogic.

I would like to change the strategy and leave the DSD as it is, and this option does not appear in Roon for that reconginzed DAC.

Is there any way to resolve this ?

Thank you

DoP is just a transfer mechanism for DSD it is not converting it. See this from Paul McGowan of PS Audio

That said I think if you have any variable volume setting or volume levelling set then it will be sent PCM and you will get a non purple link rating

This is a fascinating discussion @wizardofoz . However, the presumption that DSJ’s Bridge II input only supports DSD64 flies in the face of the specs published by PS Audio.

I’ve inserted a screen shot below, to document that it does say that. Take a look at “DSD rate”. But since it appears that the DSJ is reporting to Roon that DSD128 has to be down sampled, there is a disconnect between what PS Audio claims, and how the DSJ works with Roon.

Please do let me know if I’m missing something here, as I’d like to take this up with PS Audio. Hopefully the solution will be what The DSJ reports in RAAT vs. them modifying their published specs. :wink:

I hear ya …but I’m not in the ps audio forums much recently where I think this was covered in some depth.

Other comments here too

Yup. Well I took it up with PS Audio. Paul McGowan apologized for the misleading information on their website, and indicated that he’d see that it’s rectified.

The misinformation appears to have occurred through stating for the DSJ the same data support as for DS, namely DSD128 on all inputs. And that’s completely correct for the DS. But the important consideration they appear to have overlooked is that they don’t think of the RJ45 socket in the back of the DSJ as an “input” to DSJ. They see that as an input to the Bridge II, and know that the Bridge II is limited to DSD64.

Problem is the consumer - like me - sees that RJ45 socket as just another input to the DSJ and is disappointed (and surprised) to find out that DSD128 isn’t actually supported for network connected input.

It’s only DSD… :wink:

But I like it.

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It as if the Rolling Stones are the sound track to my life… :slight_smile:

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