Setting up HQ player [Boulder 866 and NAA]

I was curious about trying to use HQ player on roon. I downloaded and supposedly set up it on the roon core. I thought it will work in all devices, but is not the case, now the core is enable HQ player a new device and not in the other devices, I have in my listening room a DAC/streamer/amp from Boulder and is hookup to the core IMAC5 who is in my office by optical. Can anyone help me to setting up and explain how it works?
I read on a topic about the NAA, what is it, I have to instal it on my streamer to work with HQplayer?

NAA is like Roon ‘endpoint’ but using HQPlay’s own protocol.

Your Boulder (866?) supports Roon’s RAAT but not HQPlayer’s NAA protocol.

You can’t install anything on your Boulder but you can attach a Raspberry Pi based source to it running NAA software on microSD card. Something like the below (Digi2 with TOSlink output):

Then your HQplayer server in the other room can play to the NAA ‘endpoint’ connected to your Boulder.

Or you could ask Boulder to support HQP NAA on ethernet input.

yes, its a 866. Thank you!! Yes I am going to ask to Boulder support. The option of a raspberry Pi is not a good way to go.

Definitely the option for Boulder to add NAA built-in is ideal.

It’s already running Linux to run Roon RAAT so should be easy (in theory) to add NAA.

They should contact @jussi_laako directly for technical queries : jussi.laako “at” signalyst “dot” com

Btw what sample rate does your 866 support via Roon ethernet input?

Yes, definitely it should be easy to add NAA. I will send an e-mail to them and for the record I will give feedback.
Accepted sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, and 384kHz. DSD 1× and 2×. MP3 up to 320kbs

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I just had feedback from Boulder they confirmed that Roon with HQplayer is not supported by the 866. The only way to use the HQPlayer is to use Qobuz or Tidal separate from Roon with HQPlayer via a UPNP app, like mConnect which the 866 supports but Roon does not.

mConnect won’t work with HQPlayer in the way they’ve described there.

HQPlayer doesn’t play to UPnP renderers. I don’t think they quite understand HQPlayer.

I didn’t know. I will ask him. Perhaps he didn’t understand like you said.

HQPlayer Embedded works with mConnect app.I use with Tidal.

Yeh I know I use it that way all the time. That’s different to what Boulder told Jorg…

They said HQPlayer can play to their UPnP input. It can’t.

HQPlayer Embedded can be the UPnP renderer itself but only plays to ALSA USB or NAA.