Setting up new Synology NAS: Activity question

Hi All, Bit of general advice first before I bother support, with what might be just be me needing to be patient!

Just reset my NAS with the Synology v7 software and used the Roon installation gear with apparently no problem. All went well. Devices seem to connect and it seemed to identify the music folder properly, and asked for Qobuz details.

All good so far… and then I’ve had the Roon “spinning wheel” for about 3 hours. There is about 1.4 Tb of data for it to catalogue. Is that what it’s doing? Screen shots below of what I get when I open the iPhone app.

1.4Tb will take a while to import and analyze. My ~1Tb took the better part of a day.

When you “reset my NAS” did you redo the filesystem?
Rebuilding the array will take time as well.