Setting up on Sonictransporter AP

I began exploring Roon yesterday with it just set up on my MacBook Pro and watching my iTunes library, plus a few additional albums I since downloaded from HDTracks. I’d already begun ripping some CDs to ALAC but at this point I’d rather continue with some dedicated storage.

I’ve just ordered a sonicTransporter AP i7, which I’ll run as my Roon Core and storage. I understand I can migrate my current database and library over, but since I’m mostly going to be ripping lossless versions of most of my collection, I’m wondering if it makes more sense to “start fresh” on the sonicTransporter? I realize I can remove lossy versions later, but the other question is, is there an advantage to using whatever folder structure the AP and Roon Server would normally use, as opposed to just a copy of iTunes?

If I do start fresh on the sonicTransporter, do I just Disconnect from the current database on my Mac, and set up new on the sonicTransporter, then drag files over? Or does the Roon Server handle iTunes folder structures well enough that I shouldn’t worry about copying that whole mess over and just upgrading to lossless as I rip CDs?


Adding on here, with a ping to @support, because I realize what I’d really like to do is start fresh with the sonicTransporter when it arrives (I haven’t done enough with Roon on my MacBook yet where I care about losing the database), and with the sonicTransporter as the new Core, set up the MacBook as just a remote. What steps do I take to do that? Is it just a matter of deleting the database on the MacBook, or do I choose Disconnect as well? Thanks!

If you like you can use the backup and restore under settings in Roon in order to preserve your database.
But I don’t think that will matter much in your case. You can even test it right now by totally delete Roon and its folders on your MAC. (NOT your music files of cause)

Roon do not care about folder structure at all.
I suggest you keep using flac as format. (But not important)

You can switch between two different Roon databases, but only use one at the time. (Disconnect)

All questions you ask will be quickly clear to you when you start using the SonicTransporter.


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