Setting up Rock on a 10i7

Hello, I’ve just bought a NUC 10i7 and trying to set up Rock on it. It’s my first attempt and I’m trying to follow the instructions but finding that they don’t seem to correspond. I haven’t updated the bios but it appears to be up to date. I’m trying to change it from UEFI to legacy boot but the setting is grayed out? It suggests going to advance but the options are

Onboard devices
Add in Config
Event log
Self healing bios support

I’m trying to go through and find it but then just resetting to defaults when I’ve gone down the wrong route.

Has anyone installed on a 10i7? Any tips or suggestions?



In the meantime try and google a solution to change it…

Thanks, yes that’s what I’ve been doing…

Thought I had cracked it, but when doing the next step with the usb stick with the img file on it- it just says ‘reboot and select proper boot device - insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

Did you prepare the usb stick to be a bootable device according to the directions?

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Isn’t there a missing NIC driver in ROCK when trying to install on a NUC 10? Think there was another thread about it somewhere… in any case it isn’t supported as far as I know.

Edit: found it but it may be NUC model dependent

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This post explains how to enable legacy mode…

Tim_Rhodes provided the link to my original message on how to enable Legacy Mode (message 5 of this thread). If you have any other problems please let me know. Mine has been running flawlessly for weeks now. Very happy with the result after going through the pain of getting it set up the first time.


Thank you for all the replies, managed to get it all installed But the networking isn’t working. Trying to borrow a usb to Ethernet adapter unless there’s a work around to make it work?

You need to use the USB to ethernet.

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USB-C wont work either so get a USB-A to Ethernet


Did you use a USB adapter, or update the ethernet driver? The topic below talks about updating the driver, but it’s not clear if the poster updated it under Rock or a Linux OS.

There is no way to update under rock, it’s a closed os and until roon update it won’t support additional hardware

We updated the ethernet driver in Ubuntu, and then it worked. But we ordered also a USB-ethernet adaptor and are using this now with ROCK.

One aditional remark : ROCK did not detect the Anker USB-ethernet adaptor during installation, and also not during subsequent NUC reboots with the adapter connected. A NUC reboot without the adapter, followed by connection, triggered the USB discovery & configuration process in ROCK, and since that moment it kept working (also after later NUC reboots).

Will be ordering a NUC 10 and giving this a try. Thank you to all you pioneers!

Complete newbie here and want to confirm something. Am I understanding correctly that this NUC cannot connect to the network via the Ethernet port on the NUC but rather only through its USB port via a USB/Ethernet adapter cable?

Is this only for the NUC10’s or for all NUC’s?

Intel changed something on the NUC10 generation of the motherboards, so this issue only applies to the NUC10 line of products.