Setting up Roon core on a 2-bay QNAP NAS

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2-bay QNAP NAS (QNAP TS-251B-2G-US 2 Bay Home/SOHO NAS with PCIe Expansion) with added 2x4GB RAM modules and 2xTB SSDs. My question is can I have the Roon core set up on one of the 2TB SSDs and also have some of my music stored on there as well? Or would I need to dedicate one of the SSDs to JUST have Roon core on it and try to fit all my music on the other 2TB SSD? Please let me know thoughts before I purchase. Thanks, Eric

When I used to do it with my QNAP I had both drives set as one volume (I needed the space and had external backup) and had the Roon core app and the music on the same virtual drive volume. No DSP and only a few clients, it seemed to work well enough.

That QNAP is below the minimum spec of an i3 cpu, FYI.

I personally think you would be better off buying an i3 NUC, 8 GB RAM, small internal SSD for OS and then a large external USB drive for the music. After that, then you could get the QNAP to use as music file backup only.


I am using a qnap TS-251+ with roon. albeit below minimum specs, it works fine. My library is about 10,000 songs (all AIFF) and I use it with single zone and absolutely no DSP.

Yes I was using a QNAP TS-251+ as well and it worked fine.

I have a Qnap HS251+ and I am running Roon Core on an attached small USB SSD (Msata 128 GB fitted into an ELUTENG. USB 3.0 case). Seems like a very good (and cheap) solution. The two cost £36.

You should be able to use a ssd for database and media files as long as your library and database fit on the volume. You should only have separate folders (or shared folders) for database and music files. So Roon Server won‘t watch the database location for changes.

I don‘t think, there will be a noticeable decrease in performance when you use one ssd volume for both database and music files.


Thanks for all the feedback. Based on this, I’m going to switch to directions and go with the Intel NUC recommended by Roon. Will cost about the same about $900.

They sell by the bucket load, and I’m sure other people have been fine - but my QNAP is the worst bit of cost/value IT kit I’ve ever owned

I’ve still got it, but I rarely use it - it’s never restored a lost drive properly, when I still had hope I had to have it fixed, and then it failed to do its job twice

You dodged a bullet there IMO

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