Setting up roon on trinnov altitude [Answered]

I have just updated my Trinnov Altitude for the roon application.
This will be the first time with roon for me and I know the trinnov is “roon ready” but I am not sure what other devices I will need to allow the application to be played on the trinnov.
List of devices I have:- Windows 10 laptop ( i3)
mac mini ( i5 8Mb)
ipad tablet (ios 9)
bluesound node 2

Would someone please advise me what to do next, all I have done at the moment is perform the necessary adjustments on the trinnov but I am not sure on the next step.
This is also my first post on this forum so I hope I am in the correct place.


You will need to load a CORE version (Roon or Roon Server) on one of either the Windows 10 laptop or the MacMini (would be my prefered choice)

Assuming the mini is LAN connected and on all the time. You haven’t indicated where your music resides? Point the CORE to the music locations under settings storage. You do this from the Roon Control on one of your devices…Ipad is maybe too old if its only running iOS 9 so use roon remote on the PC or Mac

Then you need to add trinnov as an audio playback device.

maybe check the KB here and here too

Thank you wizardofox,

I am using tidal.
I was a bit unsure what the trinnov Altitude was classed as, it being a sort of computer in itself and I didn’t know if it performed more than one function.

Thanks very much for your help,it’s very useful and will hopefully get me up and working.


Im going on what I see on the trinnov site as I’m not familiar with the product personally. Assume its able to connect via wifi…or Lan (ideally) or as a USB based DAC too perhaps - tho most dacs will work with Roon via USB

Yes the trinnov has the necessary connections as regards communicating, but I am not sure on the DAC side, I think my best bet is to get in touch with trinnov support.
again, thanks for your help.


I would suggest you try the trial version of roon and point it to a music library source. Then add your tidal account in services and have a play. You should see the trinnov under audio settings as long as both your trinnov and core (server) are on the same network.

sorry wrong video… the edited one is better I think

and also this for the blue sound node 2 you have which should also work with Roon - firmware updates might be needed

Again thank you,
I have joined the trial version and will follow your very good instructions and now I have a clearer idea of what to download and where.
The mist is slowly disappearing and thanks for video.