Setting up second Roon core with separate, duplicate, NAS library

So I have two homes. Each home has an identical music library (cloud-synced) on a NAS. I’ve set up a ROCK in one home and I’m very happy with it. I need to set up one in the other home.

The music folder has the same name in each place, but the server/NAS name is different. I would love to use a backup from one to start the other. I could preserve my tags, etc. Can this be done?

If your NAS names/shares were the same, Roon wouldn’t care if the Roon server names were identical when you restore the backup. I just did this moving from a Windows PC running Roon server to a ROCK unit. They Roon servers had different names but my restore went flawlessly. However, they were both pointing to the same NAS/share.

It’s a good question if the NAS/Share names are different. I’m thinking it might not matter if the content on the shares were identical.

Worst case, Roon will have to rescan the DB. Takes time, but it’s no big deal otherwise.

Not the re-scan I care about, it’s my tagging and grouping

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That’s weird. It was a copy/paste from my browser window.

I got there from this article -

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It’s an artefact of your cut and paste. The link you posted ended in %3F, which got translated into a paste of “?” - and hence a false link …

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