Setting up TEAC UD-505 for Roon; specifically the MQA settings in Roon

My ‘chain’ looks as follows:

  • Roon core server running on a dedicated Linux audio server (with inbuild NAS storage + streaming software)
  • USB cable
  • TEAC UD-505 NAS (USB input)

My assumption now is that I choose ’ no MQA support. (this is NOT the TEAC NT-505)

Anyone has experience?


No MQA support is the ‘correct’ answer but renderer only is probably the default (because it works either way).

Thanks for your quick response Henry!-)

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However, what do you mean with ‘it works either way’? Is this ‘default setting: renderer only’ also ok? And why?


If you have a non-MQA DAC, then whether or not the Rendering information is sent makes no difference because your DAC will ignore it as noise.

However, I always suggest setting to to No MQA Support, because that will allow you to then upsample the MQA decoder output. So, I can upsample, the 96 signal from the decode to 384 if I want, for example. If you leave it as the default Renderer Only, it will prevent you from doing further upsampling.

TNX again!
I have set my TEAC to upsample to DSD 512.


My NT is set the same way. Works well.

However, there is something else you can try.

TEAC has made an MQA firmware for MQA available for the NT-505 last year. (works when connected through the LAN network).

There is no such firmware update for the UD-505 (no Ethernet port).


The NT-505 MQA decoding runs on the network board.

The UD-505 does not have the network board, therefore it does not have MQA decoding.

It switches between modes automatically. All regular FLAC files are upsampled to DSD512 in the DAC, all MQA gets first unfold and volume levelling in Roon and gets rendered on the DAC. It is seamless in use when configured how I want it.

Please send me your signal path!

I’ll sort out some screen shots today.

An MQA stream held on my HDD. Local filters are defeated and MQA dictates the DACs actions

The same track, non-MQA. Locally the DAC is set to upsample to DSD.

Finally the same track as a DSD file. The DAC doesn’t alter DSD files.

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Hi Henry,

Good to know that NO MQA retains the upsampling function of the DAC.

Renderer only is no option for me because my UD-505 did not receive an MQA ‘upgrade’ through the latest firmware. Tis only works for your NT-505 which has a network interface. The MQA function works through that interface.

Anyway, we now both have our specific best settings.