Settings for USB DAC

Dear roon Team,

I have a non-roon ready USB DAC>

roon offers me 3 audio setting choices (see enclosed pic):

Audinst HUD mx-1 (this is the USB DAC)
Audinst HUD mx-1 WASAPI

Which one will deliver the best sound quality?
Strangely, only the WASAPI ASIO selection shows a purple light for high res
All others just green light

Thanks for your advice

Best regards,


If this is an ASIO driver, then it is miss labeled and you can change the label to HUD mx-1 ASIO. ASIO is what I always try to use.

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WASAPI by itself uses the OS to “process the signal” and then send it the the audio interface.
Where WASAPI-ASIO would send it directly to the interface without the OS needing to process it first.
Which would theoretically mean an unmodified/unprocessed signal to the interface device.
I would tend to believe that the ASIO would be the one to use.
However, this really boils done to, which one sounds best to you.

Just try them all and let your ears be the judge, no better test IMHO

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