Setup a VPN on Roon OS / ROCK

I would be great to have the possibility to setup a VPN from Roon OS / ROCK in order to keep usage of Roon outside of our home network.

It won’t really help. Because roon cannot detect network devices outside of its own subnet. So assuming your server is but you have a vpn address of… roon can’t see it.

So you can log into roon, control it, browse it. But you can’t send audio outside of its original subnet.

You can, you just need to know how. If you look in the tinkering section users have come up with all sorts of solutions.

Thanks both.
I’ll have a look in the thinkering section, but if @ged_hickman1, you could point me to the relevant thread already, that would be great.

Do a search in the category there are loads of threads.

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Hi @Cedric_Courtens,

With Roon confirming they are working on Roon Mobile I doubt there will be any appetite from the Roon team to support this.

As per @ged_hickman1 suggestion check out the topics in the #tinkering section.