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I just want to make sure I’m doing this correct. I have a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and have ordered a Mac Mini to put all my local music on. I also like to stream from Qobuz and Apple Music.

My question is, I want to make sure that I can use Roon to manage all of that and control everything as a single interface. I would assume, during the set up, that once all my local music is transferred to the Mac Mini, and my credentials are validated from the streaming services, Roon would do the rest. Is that correct?

Also, does Roon take over the Apple Mac Mini so that everything is not downgraded to the output resolution in the audio setting on the Mini? I want to make sure to get the best possible output setting, which is one of the main reasons for using Roon.

Thanks for the help!

Yes. Roon will identify all the music and create a database from metadata. Eventually, your choices from streaming services also become part of that database. It becomes one big unified library.

Roon will output music to the highest resolution available on the endpoint (in most cases). Your DAC seems to have RoonReady capabilities, which makes this seamless for you. If you were playing from the Mini to a USB connected DAC, putting the device in Exclusive Mode will bypass the Mini’s audio capabilities, again giving best output quality.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! That makes perfect sense. Looking forward to playing music again!

One quick clarification…when you say “putting the device in Exclusive Mode,” I’m assuming there is a setting in the Mac Mini that is Exclusive Mode. Is that correct?

Exclusive Mode is a setting in Roon that tells it to take over music playback from your Mini.

I have just skimmed the responses so apologies if I am repeating anything but you can’t control any streamed content via Apple Music, only files you own. Qobuz will be fine.

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Thank you GKern

Thanks for that Henry!

When you switch on Exclusive mode in Roon, do you need to do anything else in the Mac Mini? In other words, NO settings need to be changed in it?