Setup on DS214 not supported?

I can’t installed the Roon Server package on my NAS DS 214, he say that the package is not supported ? Please let me know if i need to upgrade my server ?
Here is my configuration

I have 214 myself and I am confident, that it is way too weak to support Roon core. I run it strictly as file server without even indexing service running.

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It’s not supported. There are no binaries for this processor architecture (cfr. MARVELL Armada XP MV788230).


hi, thank you for the answer, i plan to switch for the DS 218 at least :wink: or higher.

You should go higher if you want to run Roon on it. Read also:

ARM CPUs like the one in your DS214 or the DS218 are not supported, you need a 64-bit x86 compatible CPU typically from intel or AMD. These can usually be found in the pricier Plus (+) models from Synology.


Thank you, will see a DS220+ maybe ? with SSD disk

Plus models are typically in the DS7xx+ range for 2 bay nas.

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