Setup up issue for Raspberry Pi 3+

HI iam using Rasberry Pi3+ and suptroncis X400 DAC after installing Roopiee i get only the settings screen and not able to move forward.Its asking to confirm changes and rebbot always. And not moving ahead. Please help what could be the issue. Thanks in advance

That’s not a lot of information.
What do you mean with “not able to move forward”?


Iam not able to get the menu screen or home page to select the music folder & To play music.,After reboot its still coming back to the intial settings screen.Please help

So where did you get the idea that you can “select the music folder”?

This is a Roon appliance. Music selection is done in Roon. There is not other screen that the settings screen.

Can you advise how to use the ropiee similar to volumio.
I just wanted to use Ropiee and feel the difference from volumio. Please guide me.I want to use it like a streamer from Rasberry pi using the HAt Dac

Once you install and setup your Raspberry Pi, you don’t interact with it anymore. You go to your Roon control device to play your music using Roon. The Raspberry Pi with RoPieee is a bridge from your Roon core device to your DAC and sound system. It is not a music streamer.

For clarity after Ropiee, Roon Endpoint must also be installed … on the Pi.

Update… Sorry … I meant Roon endpoint not Roon Server, but I believe Ropiee will pull this down for you.

RoPieee or RoPieeeXL is all you need. Is that Roon Server? At least on my RPi4, all I installed was RoPieeeXL.

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Just install RoPieee or RoPieeeXL.

So much confusion in this thread.

After you install Ropieee (or Ropieee XL) on your RPi, that phase is done. Ropieee includes RoonBridge.

Go to Settings==>Audio in Roon. You’ll see something like this -

Mine references Selene because I renamed the Ropieee Host Name, yours will say Ropieee (I think, if I recall correctly). Note, I’ve already Enabled my device. Anyway, look for the Linux version called SPCKFSH.

Enable your device and you’re good to go.


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