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Yes that is correct, but you don’t see that until you have bought it
Not a problem and with Bandcamp’s payments for artist’s I am likely to buy it from there regardless

Here we go:


My profile:


I am no longer using Bandcamp. I refuse to give any money to Epic Games.


This is the latest album I’ve produced and recorded - released in a two weeks and a few tracks available for preview. From Ikumi Koyama, a jazz pianist and singer. The title track is great fun - a retro jazz funk instrumental with a George Benson style guitar solo from Alban Claret.


I shared mine earlier in this topic, but I have an exciting update now. On Groundhog Day of 2022, I released my 2nd full-length album of original electronic music, which was my main means of processing the challenges faced by so many of us during the last two years. I’m inspired by artists ranging from DJ Shadow to The Who to Tim Hecker. And while I write music because I want to hear it, I also want to share it with likeminded audiophiles…especially those who vibe on funky rhythms, swear by emotional chord progressions, and are picky about their subgenres (not just electronic subgenres, btw).

The record is called hindsight twentytwenty. Below are the album cover and track list, for what it’s worth.

While I listed it as just under 8 dollars to download on Bandcamp, my intent isn’t for people to have to pay if they can’t afford it. Read more details on Bandcamp if you fall into that category (no judgement, the economy sucks). Also, just to drive that point home, BELOW ARE FIVE TOTALLY FREE DOWNLOAD CODES TO USE ON THE ALBUM, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If you do opt to use one, please kindly ensure that you a) read the first paragraph of this post to get some sense of whether this is a genre you could see yourself enjoying, and b) reply briefly to this message with something like ‘top code taken’ or ‘I used download code #2’ so others know what’s available. Let’s not waste anyone’s time here.


To use a code, go to Deaf Child and enter it.

For everyone else, simply head to or and have a listen.
thanks, y’all <3 <3


Here is mine. I have 0 plays , so :+1:


Here is my Bandcamp profile. Bandcamp is a fine place to find new underground metal bands from our whole planet.


I know you can’t technically be “outsider music” if you call it that… In other words you can’t be attempting to make outsider music if you’re legitamatlly an outsider artist. With that being said, my music is kinda out there, if not technically “outsider msuic.”

I call it Alexandria Interdimensionally…Alexandria Interdimensionally

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Im a gorenoise/harsh gorenoise/vomitnoise/noisecore solo project or band so here’s my gorenoise project:

You joined the forum to post this, but have not partaken in any other discussion? Sorry, but I will not visit your Bandcamp profile, even if I do enjoy some Vomir cleansing from time to time.

Nice topic! Thanks all for sharing. I have enjoyed BC for long, did purchase a few albums here and there, but now just discovering friends’ huge collections. Amazing. Did not realize the social part of that network yet (the band part yes, but was not exploring the customer part…)

Question: did anyone find out how to listen to an entire collection of a person without having to go back to the page and select the next album/song?
Answer (edit 2): The mobile app allows playing next songs and go through collections, which is great. I have now to figure out how to do this on a desktop browser

Edit 1: forgot to share my profile: fvo3000's collection | Bandcamp

I get the feeling this is going to be an expensive thread!

My profile has 287 views and 94 plays? Is this just me clicking on my own profile? And I have 3 followers?

I don’t think of the Bandcamp site as particularly social or even as a good avenue of discovery - there’s simply too much there. But maybe I need to change that?

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4 now :grin:

When you follow people with similar tastes you get updates on their purchases which can be very useful for checking out potential purchases.


I missed this…

Oh my. Time to dig into some collections and follow some new Bandcampers! Here is mine.

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