Shareable Playlists

It would be great if we had Shareable Playlists? Hello!


Reading the Your Album of the Year (2018) topic, I kept thinking: Why can’t I click these to open the Tidal album in Roon? It would be cool if we could (for example) right-click an album or playlist in Roon and copy a URL that we could then share. Having “public playlists” in Roon would be really nice too.


Yep. This is definitely something I would enjoy. We could have curated threads on the Forum where users introduced a series of albums or tracks etc.


I agree it’s a great idea.
The nearest thing at the moment is to share a tidal playlist, which is a pain to create I know.


A very modest response to a great idea. I was about to post a similar request but thought I’d check first…
Given all the related threads, suggestions, what’re you listening to, themes (e.g. cover songs), etc it is evident that the Roon community’s engagement and commitment is surely strong enough to make this a much used feature?


This is a pretty standard feature among streaming services. With how powerful Roon is, it seems like an obvious feature to have.

@Roon employees, any insight on if this software update is going to happen any time soon?

any further thought on a feature enhancement around sharing playlists?

Like most of my great ideas, this one will be buried with me. I predicted and capitalized on Media Servers back in 2003. I’ll always have that as a win. Seriously, Bill Gates and Paul Allen had the Niveus Denali Media Server in their homes years ago. I was cutting edge, once. :joy:

Roon’s community is very active, there are lists here suggesting amazing musics, and there is no communication among us in Roon platform. The fact that we cannot share playlists is a serious issue.

I see myself in other services quite often looking for playlists. Idagio is amazing in this regard for classical music and this made me have a subscription there. Today I listen to classical music much more often there than in Roon.

I don’t know why Roon does not offer this option. I really don’t… The community is great and supportive. I’m sure we’d enjoy a lot to share our playlists - and not just lists here in this forum.

Please… shared playlists!!! This is a huge add-on.

Haven’t really done much with playlists in Roon but did one today and was surprised there was no share functionality. The ability to output the playlist as a text/csv file or even PDF would at least allow a level of information sharing?

Being able to export a playlist in the playlist order would be a good first step :wink: