Shared file address changes

My router has become unstable and needs to be replaced. Each time the router disappears from my list of available networks it has to be re-booted. That changes the address of shared files which means I have to add the new address to Roon and import my music library from scratch. The result is lost album artwork and duplicate albums time after time even though a backup file exists. I also wind up with albums that have been inexplicably split into 2 parts so I have to merge them to eliminate the duplicate.
So, is the a way for me to set Roon up so I can avoid any of these problems?

Use the host name for the device rather than IP address. Roon will then resolve it.

Alternatively, configure your router’s DHCP setting to assign the same IP address to the device.

Thank you very much!!I knew there had to be a work around. Took a minute to figure out the host name but it is done.

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The host name worked for a while but Roon now tells me, in the storage settings, that an unexpected error has occurred. I tried to change the routers DHCP setting on my ISP’s website to that of the “music” file but my ISP says the address is private and cannot be changed. Any other suggestions to stabilize the address of my “music” file?
Again, thank you for your time!!
P.S. - The unexpected error 1st appeared when I tried to create a backup to the host name location. Fortunately, I used a previously active IP address for the backup because it is now listed in the Shared system preferences as active again, I don’t have a lot of hair left to pull out.