Sharing Local Music Folder Over SMB (Linux)


Seeking support in this thread, as it seems there’s a lot of knowledge here. I noticed that Ubuntu Server (minimal) uses a lot less memory than Ubuntu Desktop (minimal). However, I would like to share my local music folder over SMB anonymously (to Windows clients) on my Roon server running Ubuntu Server (minimal). Would it be difficult to add this funtionality to Ubuntu Server (minimal)? I would be grateful if someone could give me (detailed) instructions how to configure this on Ubuntu Server (minimal).


This can be easily achieved installing and configuring Samba on the Ubuntu server. There’s a ton of detailed tutorials about this out there on the web, so you should really first have a look there and try and set it up on your box. You can start here:


Thank you, @Andreas_Philipp1 ,

For pointing me in the right direction.