Sharing options

I’m not huge on social media sharing (I am male over 40, so makes sense) but I do like to send album picks to mates so the new sharing options are a step in the right direction I reckon.
For now I use the imgur link creation process as I’d rather not use FB/Twitter as the extra step of ensuring I’m only sharing with select individual/s is too much of a pain.
Any chance of the shareable link being that of the Allmusic page for the Album or Artist? This would assume that what’s being shared has matched metadata.
At way the recipient can get straight to the pick, rather than deciphering a pic (glorious pun intended).

Maybe further down the track Roon community sharing and commenting on releases could be done. Like the dead iTunes Ping but would probably get used for more by Roonies.

I would like way to increase pic resolution. Posting shared images are terrible low res.

AWhat would be good I feel is if there was a toggle button to add details of things like signal path and parametric settings used.

I think we’d all be interested in these things as
ND they would be a great advertisement if pasting on other fora or social medial.

Things like this.


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