Sharing some Latin Jazz!

Hi, everyone. First I´d like to say sorry if my english in not good. Sorry guys. I´ve seen over the forum that there is not much sharings about latin jazz (or exclusively latin jazz). I´m not a fan of salsa music but love the latin jazz. Besides albums or info about latin jazz albums are difficult to find. So maybe here among all of us we can share info about new (and old) albums of this style. I´ll start sharing some of the great albums in my collection. Thank you very much. So let me start with this one. Hope you like and enjoy it.


Another great album from my collection. This one on CD. Not in Qobuz. Don´t know if it is on Tidal. Yes, it is on Spotify. Nothing on Roon.


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So much has been written, I can concentrate on the links for jazz lovers who also like to keep up the Spanish klezmer tradition.

Helmut Eisel Qobuz