Shortcuts on the Play Bar

I’d like to be able to add some extra icons to the Footer at the bottom of the Roon Remote display, presumably in between the skip-back/play-pause/skip-forward icons and the album art thumbnail since that keeps them out of the way of the variable-sized title/artist text display.

I suggest adding a UI section in settings where one could select which shortcuts to enable (add to the Footer) where a shortcut would be one of the hamburger menu options, e.g. I might enable shortcuts for “Overview”, “Discover” and “Albums”. This way I could get to the relatively few things that I use on a daily basis with a single tap rather than having to go menu/albums for instance

As an added touch I personally would quite like the ability to add a “Search” (magnifying glass) icon down there as well even though it is already there in the upper right corner because that would allow me to focus all my tapping on the Footer. Also, assuming those shortcut icons were styled and sized similarly to the Queue, Zone and Volume icons already on the right end of the Footer, it would give a slightly bigger and clearer tap-target than the one in the upper-right of the screen.

I realise this probably doesn’t make sense for the phone clients but my iPad definitely has space for an extra 3 icons where I suggested and potentially even an extra one over on the right (maybe if an option to duplicate the Search icon was incorporated that could optionally be included in the right-hand group?). Obviously the desktop Windows/Mac remotes potentially have even more spare space on the Footer depending what size the user has his/her window set at.

My suggestion would be non-disruptive to the current user experience - don’t go into Settings and enable any extra shortcuts and the Footer will continue to look exactly as it does now.

This could be taken even further by having a section in Settings where the contents of the Footer could be customised completely, much like editing a Playlist. Elements such as “Play/Pause button”, “Queue icon”, “Track Title & Artist Display”, “Album Thumbnail” etc could be added as required to the items to be displayed in the Footer just like adding a track to a playlist and dragged around to the order required (again, just like a playlist). That might get a bit more complicated because I think you’d also need some formatting directives that could be dragged into the list, e.g. have a “Right-align” entry that says that all the following items are to be aligned to the right of the Footer so for instance the final entries to duplicate the Footer appearance as it is now would be - “Right-Align”, “Queue”, “Zone”, “Volume” so that the final 3 icons are aligned to the right of the footer.

I realise that the total-customisation option requires a lot more thought, e.g. how to handle the variable sizing of the track/artist section, but the simpler add-shortcuts idea at the start of this post wouldn’t be too complicated to do (I would have thought) and at least for me would be very welcome.