Shorten (.shn) files and conversion

Many a moon ago, I traded and archived lots of live “bootleg” shows from many artists that I archived in Shorten .shn format. I’m sure at the time it seemed like a good idea, it was a lossless format but is now extinct. I am looking for a reputable converter from .shn format to any other newer format, preferably .flac. I have both Mac and Windows operating systems. Hope someone can help out.

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The Wikipedia page has examples of using ffmpeg to convert the fies to FLAC:

On a Mac I’d say give XLD a try. I have been using this app widely for format conversions and basic tagging. On the referred website it says that it does recognize shorten files, but only shorten V3.

A bit late to the convo but I’d also recommend xACT for Mac. It handles a lot of transcoding and verification tasks and can easily transcode from SHN to FLAC (I do it all the time for those same old live bootlegs as I’m adding them to Roon :slight_smile: ).

I did too! I went and visited, still alive. So cool. I’m going to grab some of that stuff again.

I used dbpoweramp “batch converter.” It had always done a fabulous job. It rings through the black and white command line window, you can see it decompress shn to wav, then into flac with whatever settings you threw in there. You’ll also want to find some some batch metadata namer so Roon know what to do with the new goods.

Maaaan I remember sneaker-net. It was faster, frequently, to setup a distance trade of like 10-15 burned cdrs. Mail them all. When I started on that, my collection metastasized quickly! So many boxes and discs and sleeves. Memories.

There’s got to be come command line tools that will get it done for free. I’ll find em

Looks like foobar2000 can do it. Probably with some plugins or something.

You grab flac stuff from

Cool, looks like a flac codec came out as recently as 9/2022