Should I add RAM to my NUC/ROCK? If so, is it as simple as I think it is?

My current NUC is 8i5BEH with 8GB ram (Crucial CT8G4SFS824A). I have ~5000 locally stored albums (mostly 16/44, some hi res, a couple hundred dsd) and ~1000 on qobuz (and decreasing). I have two zones and use DSP for some HAF filters doing room correction in one zone. Currently everything runs peachy with only a few issues from time to time with slow loading of album art (and occasionally a moment or two delay for album metastuff to pop up on an album page), but never a problem with music playback. So, the set up is doing fine and seems sufficiently robust for my particular “use case.”

However. I plan on adding two more zones this fall and I am always adding library. I’m putting my questions out to this fine community of Roonians, wondering: (1) Is 8GB is enough RAM for future-proofing my setup. And (2), if not, can I simply insert another Crucial CT8G4SFS824A into the other slot while I have the NUC powered down, or (3) must I undertake some additional monkeying about?

TIA for offering of thoughtful advice. Lotsa lols IA for smart-alecky retorts.

You didn’t say but I suppose you use ROCK?

ROCK does not swap to the HD if RAM is exhausted, it simply crashes. So as long as you don’t crash, you are fine regarding RAM.

There is also no speed difference by having “too much” RAM, except maybe if the mainboard can use the RAM more efficiently if both banks are filled. If you add RAM, then yes you can simply insert another brick of the same type into the other slot and you are good to go, nothing else necessary.

According to the docs, small to medium sized libraries are fine with 4 GB, large ones with 12K+ albums are recommended to have 8.


If you add another of the same 8 gig card in you “should” see some improvement in speed as the memory would then be running in dual channel versus single channel. If you only put one in, then yes, you should be able to just drop a second one in and be good to go. I would make sure you get a second stick of the same exact memory.

Another thing to try is to periodically clean up your library (setting/library) and clear the image cache (settings/setup), won’t hurt might help.


See, I knew you’d pop in with the goods! Thanks, @Suedkiez!


…I thought I covered that in the post’s title :smiley:


It sounds like you are around 60k tracks and 8gb is fine. As to future proofing, that depends on how fast your library grows.


Right, I had forgotten that once I was reading the post :slight_smile:

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Thanks, man!

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As @Suedkiez says - 8G is likely plenty.

However NUCs have dual channel memory and perform best with two memory cards - although the cards need to be the same spec.

So adding another identical memory card may give you better performance if you want it.


Don’ be afraid of re-booting the NUC, I have no technical evidence to support but it sorta makes sense to have a “clean start” every now and again.

We suffer from regular power cuts and hence my NUC is rebooted often daily (sometimes twice) i see none of the slowing issues often reported

Just Sayin’ :smiling_imp:


RAM is fairly cheap and easy to upgrade. You can never have too much RAM. :blush:


I have 16GB in my NUC10i5

the scrolling is quick without any glitches


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I appreciate your help, @bearFNF. I do clear the cache once in awhile and I’m ordering a duplicate of the Crucial 8 GB card I originally installed. I figure the card is pretty inexpensive and easily installed, so why not? Thanks.

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I have the same model, but i7, and I was experiencing occasional crashes with 8gb with a library of 25k songs. I increased RAM and now have no issues. It’s a 5 minute project and very low cost.