Should I be worried with the temperature?

I’m using the HiFiBerry DAC2 HD on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8 GB ram. And using the ´Steel case for HiFiBerry DAC+/ADC, Pi 4, V2’. Its connected with Grimm Audio RCA cables to an Arcam FMJ A28 amplifier. Listening with Sennheiser HD 660S in my study and very happy with the results. Sound quality is very good. The only thing I can worry about is the board temperature (mostly about 60.3℃ / 140.5℉). I didn´t find ways to cool the board within the steel case. Is this temperature harmful in any way? Should a RPI4 with 2 GB be a lot cooler?

To quote the HiFiBerry website blog re: RPi3 vs. RPi4 CPU temperature:

“Just note that 63 °C is not a problem for the CPU at all. It is designed to work even at much higher temperatures. The case is just warm at 38 °C.”

Hope this helps.

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For the Raspberry Pi 4, 60℃ is normal. You may want to check this thread.

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You’re fine. 60 degrees is well between operational boundaries.

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I’ve got one of those cases, but the one with the fan which drops that particular pi4 to 31.1℃. The 53.2℃ is a pi3 running bare. If you want something in between then the 44.8℃ is a pi4 with nothing other than a stick-on heatsink that cost $2.


my temperatures (2x pi4, 1x pi3, all plastic cases and passive cheap cooler) are also always around 60° without any issues and I don’t want the noise of a fan (which I have in my gaming setup). interestingly the pi3 is always a bit warmer but this may also be because of the different HAT and room…

Two of my Pi4s running all the time in passive cooling cases:

1: |ropieeexl [RoPieeeXL]|37.9℃ / 100.2℉|1 day, 21:24|2022.08.1 (524) [stable]|
2: |ropieeexl-DAC-HAT [RoPieeeXL]|56.4℃ / 133.5℉|1 day, 21:18|2022.08.1 (524) [stable]|

No1 is a closed black aluminum passive case with thermal pads between CPU and case
No2 is an black open case with small coller on CPU only

Yes, I have one of those, but it makes no sense to use such a case and put an expensive HAT on top of it.

Note that I was linking the thread, not a particular product. I have amended my post to make this clear.

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temps are usually fine even in the mid 60’s

Grab 2022-08-26 at  16.57.57

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