Should I get a Mojo

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I’v had the original Chord Hugo since its release in 2014. I use my Hugo mostly stationary. I’v had my eyes on a Mojo for a few years, but since the Mojo was released in 2015 I’v been worried that a new generation was just around the corner. It’s strange that they haven’t made a Mojo 2 yet. I’m still waiting…

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I have used my Mojo in my home system and kept it charging 24/7, along with charging it while in use
without any problems. The Mojo gets hot while you are using it whether you are charging it at the same time or not.

Thanks for your post DPH.

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Thanks for this clarification. I’m going to stick mine on 24x7 charge now as they both discharge quite quickly when not in use and I was worried about leaving them on charge permanently, so now I’m not :+1:

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[quote=“Riviera_Bluesman, post:22, topic:73632, full:true”]
I have used my Mojo in my home system and kept it charging 24/7, along with charging it while in use
without any problems. The Mojo gets hot while you are using it whether you are charging it at the same time or not.

Thanks for your post DPH.

Your welcome, its from the headfi Headfi Link Check the first post.

I have a problem with the Mojo starts to buzz sound when its on charger. Anyone has this problem?

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Both of mine buzz when charging, hence me not wanting to leave them to charge 24x7, but I’m going to leave them on 24x7 for a month and see if I get any issues are they are both currently in warranty :+1:

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Okey, if you look at the link i sent you, i just found people Ask about buzz noise.

Originally Posted by Rob Watts /img/forum/go_quote.gif

The noise is due to ripple voltage on the charger upsetting the inductors/capacitors within Mojo. If you use a clean quality PSU & a low resistance USB cable to the charger PSU the mechanical noise should be silent or insignificant.

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I’ve been using the supplied cable but every charger (Samsung, computer, usb on monitor, iPhone, iPad) has caused the hissing noise, hence my reluctance to leave charging 24x7.

I’ve just tried my official Raspberry Pi charger and there is no noise :+1:

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I never experienced buzzing when using and charging my Mojo. I use Amazon Basics USB cables either with my MacBook or iPhone (with Camera Adaptor and official iPad charger and cable.)


Finally got round to giving the Mojo a listen. Not blown away and not a massive leap over the Ifi nano. I need to do more in depth listening. It’s more controlled and natural compared to the Ifi but it lacks any fun so far. More to follow.


Not sure this is true. My borrowed one was just fully charged. I left the power in and connected to the endpoint, turned on, white charging light comes on straight away, I thought it’s supposed to come on when charge is lower than 8.4v volt so just turning it on takes .2v?

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Not sure? Its from the people that have made the the Chord Mojo. It’s true;) I will check myself tomorrow.

Not blown away? What fun are you looking after?

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Music should be engaging and fun to listen to, it just not got that so far lacking musicality for me.

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If you are using the DAC only in stationay mode, you may want to look into the Grace Design m900 (same as the described Massdrop m9xx with additional SPDIF input). I have both the Mojo and the m9xx and I find the m9xx to be less warm than the Mojo, so it might fit your preferences better.


I’m warming to it and it’s more detailed overall, some material does sound better. I might employ a bit of DSP to see if I can get more to my tastes though.


Well I’m almost done with the Mojo after a lot more listening I am just not impressed and tried it with a few different sources. It lacks musicalitty, fun and sucks the life out of most music to me. Much prefer the Ifi Nano and even my Dragonfly Black. So my journey will continue to find something with dare I say it Mojo.

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Hmm i decided to change a few things today, removed the Ifi usb cleaner thingy and put in a brand new micro usb cable and tonight it sounds much better. I also cranked it up a bit. Wether it’s this, the volume level which I don’t need it this loud to sound good on my other DACs or just my mood I don’t know.

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My Mojo is the best DAC I’ve heard… but then as I can’t tell the difference between 320kbps MP3 and FLAC in a blind test, what do I know :rofl:

Hope you find something that you enjoy because enjoying the music is what this game is all about :sunglasses:


I recommend your try something other. It’s lost on me really. Listening to one of my favourite tracks now and it’s not right. The DAC has its merits it’s just not to my tastes at all.

I ordered a Dragonfly Cobalt today so we’ll see how that performs.

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“Not Right”… interesting you say that because if I plug Mojo into USB-C MacBook Pro and play first 30 seconds of “School” by Supertramp, it sounds perfect. If I do the same using iPad Pro or using the Poly attached to the Mojo it’s definitely “not right”.
I need to try a few other variations, but the same headphones plugged into a cheap RPi endpoint sound correct but the Mojo only sounds correct with the start of this song if I use my MacBook Pro :scream:


I’m using a ROCK endpoint to mine, tried my phone and was equally unimpressed.