Should I Just Stop Trying To Use iPad & iPhone

I am generally on my iPad or my iPhone. I use an older MacBook as my core listening to Tidal through Node 2i. I don’t know that in the last month I’ve used either device that it hasn’t stopped working in some capacity before I was done listening. If I use Roon with the MacBook or my iMac I don’t seem to have issues. Am I just out of luck with the iOS devices? Tidal straight to the Node works fine.

I didn’t quite understand your configuration.
But my experience is quite different from yours, I think.
My Roon core is running on a Nucleus box.
It is connected to one zone directly with USB, and to 5 other zones by WiFi.
I almost exclusively use iPad remotes — occasionally an iPhone when I’m walking around, and once a month a Windows desktop when I’m working with Photoshop.

I have never had the iPads fail. Yes, it happens that the iPad app crashes, very very rarely. But then I touched the Roon icon and I’m back.

So describe your problems in more detail?

My core is a MacBook connected to Ethernet cable. All others are WiFi. My iMac seems to work fine over WiFi but when operating with iPad and iPhone both experience while playing Tidal.

Songs will stop, then skip to next song
Songs will just stop and I’ll have to restart
Songs will stop then when restarted will try for a few seconds but never play
Today it won’t even load on either
I’ve also had issues where it will stop playing and then the option of my iPhone as a zone won’t even show up.

What is your network set up?

Not sure what all you need to know, I have cable internet.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)


Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue


MacBook Pro 2012
Catalina 10.15.4
Roon Version 1.7 Build 528

Cable Internet
Motorola Surfboard Modem wired to MacBook
Everything else connected using WiFi through Treadnet Dual Band Router

All Wifi
Node 2i Streamer using Tidal

When you say the Mac works fine, is that when using WiFi to the Node?
And when it doesn’t work with the iPad, is that still using the Node?
Or are you using the iPad as an audio output zone as well?

The reason for the question is that when the Mac is playing to the Node, even if you are using the iPad to control Roon, the audio signal does not go through the iPad. In such a situation, you could use the iPad to tell Roon on the Mac to play a song to the Node, and then you can shut down the iPad or throw it in the lack, music will still play.

But if you are using the iPad for playing audio, then the WiFi to the iPad could be the culprit.

I use my ipad mini in both ways , mainly as a contoller to my Rpi / DAC etc but as an end point then to a bluetooth speaker in the kitchen

As an end point by i have occasional blips but not enough to worry about. Occasionally Roon will lose the ipad and you have to close and restart the app

As a controller i never see a dropout , but its irritating that when i close the cover the Roon app stops

Which scenario is giving you grief ?

Typically when using iPad and iPhone they are being used as a remote running one of my 2 Nodes, this is where I have the most issues.

I sometimes use the iPhone running into a DAC/headphone amp, this usually works better but I still have issues there.

When using desktop it’s also using the MacBook as the core and running out of the USB port into a DAC.

I think GED is right , fill in the template so @support
Can get involved

If you are using the iPad for control it is likely not the iPad but some other issue

You need to describe the issues you are seeing in more details

As ever I use an iPad for control with no issues :heart_eyes:

Hey Mike,

I think I’ve done all that in earlier posts but maybe it’s still not clear?

Not quite clear, but answer this:
Is t correct that you run the Roon Core on the Mac, it sends music to the Node by WiFi, and you use an iPad for control?
If so, start playing music and then shut off the iPad, power it off completely, all of them.
What happens to the music?

Sorry missed the earlier bit

Maybe describe how it’s failing ?

Yes that is correct, core is MacBook and ipad is control. If I do as you say, the music keeps playing.

Yes, that is as expected, the remote is not involved in playback.
So now I go back to your original question: what is it that goes wrong with playback, and why do you think it has anything to do with the iPad?

So I’ve been listening this morning so here’s exactly what’s happening. Using my iPad to play Tidal through Roon going to Node. During 2nd song the playback stopped, no music for 5 seconds or so, started playing next song, stopped, skipped to next song and started playing. Restarted album, then on 2nd or 3rd song I’d say, did basically the same thing only it ended up stopping completely. Frustrated so I just used Tidal on iPad to send to Node and played straight through album fine.

One thing that is involved when it fails is the WiFi connection to the Mac.
I don’t know the Node, does it have an Ethernet Jack? If so, you could test it by using a wired connection from Mac to Node (just pull it through the living room, doesn’t matter if it’s ugly, just a test).
If that solves the problem, you know WiFi was a factor.

Does it only happen with Tidal? In that case, it could be the WiFi from the Mac to your internet, so you can make the same test, pulling a wire there.

Roon uses a lot more bandwidth than native streaming so it stresses wireless that works for other apps.

I will try that if I can find a cable. I really only use Roon for Tidal but I also have Apple Music, I guess I can see what happens there. The Mac is connected by Ethernet cable, maybe the Node should be too. I’ll try and let you know.