Shout out for Andrew Giles at Small Green Computer

I have been using a Mac-based ROON server for years with the simplest configuration - Roon Core and Endpoint running on the same machine, feeding a USB connected Mytek Brooklyn. I wanted to move to a streaming architecture using a purpose-built computer running ROON core that is Ethernet bridged to a separate dedicated ROON endpoint. After exploring options I ordered an i5 SonicTransporter, microRendu and LPS from Small Green Computer. I am very impressed with the sonic results. But I am as impressed with the 5-star customer service I’ve received from Andrew Giles at Small Green Computer. He’s answered all of my questions and resolved all my issues - learning curve issues - quickly and clearly. It’s great to do business with a company offering products with industry-leading price/performance matched by outstanding customer service. Thank you Andrew,


Thanks @Gary_Rancourt!

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I also purchased an i5 from Small Green Computer and can confirm on both points. Excellent sound quality, functions perfectly with Roon and extremely responsive service. Highly recommended.

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One more shout out for the SonicOrbiter i5, running Roon. As a long term Squeezebox and then Aurender user, I cannot believe I waited this long to switch to Roon. The i5 is a sensibly priced product that is an absolute breeze to set up and functions flawlessly. Bravo!

Agree wholeheartedly. Contacted directly by Mr. Giles on a couple of occasions. After my initial surprise, and then delight, I was impressed by his customer-focused approach. Could not recommend SGC more highly!

agree completely. i too have been using a mac-based solution in my hifi for a decade. after deciding to go the Way of Roon i explored alternative hardware solutiuons, discovered SGC, and purchased a sonic transporter and ultra rendu. newbie confusion ensued and i spent four days bombarding andrew with questions, to every one of which he replied within a few minutes. so a big thank you from me as well andrew.

Couldn’t agree more. Product info from Rendu was contradictory and confusion. Andrew cut through the smoke and mirrors to get the right answers for me, too.

I’d like to give my own shout-out to Andrew and SGC. My Sonictransporter i5 (2nd Gen and out of warranty) died on me. Andrew had me send it back and diagnosed a failed motherboard, which he could replace for a reasonable cost. He discovered after the origami estimate that he could not get the same motherboard for me, and so installed an updated motherboard (faster) and new case to fit the new MB as my original case would not work, all at no change in repair cost. I see that as terrific customer service-thanks, Andrew!


Andrew and his/my SonicTransporter I5 from a few years bk has never had an issue
I use an ultraRendu, an old Dell notebook and another streamer as ROON endpoints and all have been working steady.
Highly recommend SGC.

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Thanks everybody!

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